Go-Busters Mission 33: It’s Time For Powered Custom!

Powered Morphin!!!
Powered Morphin!!!

After he revealed to the Go-Busters that Vaglass’s threat is not over yet while they were working with Gavan, Enter shows his new threat that gives the Go-Busters a hard time. Thus the EMC decided to use the newly completed protectors that they were developing: Powered Custom!!!


First things first, as for the remaining Go-Busters Missions up till Mission 40, I’ll be using Orends Range’s screencaps. This is because print screening costs an additional hour to my work per episode, and since I’ve got 12 episodes of Go-Busters left before I can go on reviewing each episode on time I’ll need to rush a bit. Not to mention on the other day where I reviewed 4 of Wizard’s episodes while print screening 3 of it on one day really tires me off that I need to take a day off.

Anyways to the episode itself, the Go-Busters are watching the footage from the Gavan crossover event (which is canon apparently, no matter, just skip the 32nd episode!!). Suddenly they were alerted to a MetaRoid attack, although there’s little to no Enetron being used. When they went to the scene, they found out a school has sink in a quicksand. Just when they were about to summon the Buster Machines, Enter came.

Enter told them that he was actually creating backup data of Messiah in the form of Messiah Cards, and throws them away. The card itself will grow into a MetaRoid, and its purpose is to gather data. Enter explains that the data is to upgrade Messiah, and it was inspired by the Go-Busters’ and their parents’ determination to defeat Messiah. Enter is confused that how a mere human can accomplish such things, which is why he wanted to gather human data.

As for Enter, he is more darker, more serious, and even starts to become a psychopath. I really liked this new personality of his, because he is scarred by the fact that he lose to RedBuster and it drives him crazy that he started to act like this. Also I knew from Mission 30 (when I first watched it, some months ago before the Gavan crossover) that Enter would survive, because he’s a goddamn avatar!

Eventually Nick gets sucked into the quicksand, and the Busters found out that the quicksand serves as a teleportation system, as the people who got sucked in is teleported into HourglassRoid’s body. Because Messiah’s MetaRoid is far stronger than the normal MetaRoid, Gorisaki decides that its time to use the protector. Remember the protectors that Masato and Yoko used in Mission 23? Gorisaki said that it’s supposed to be completed but it lacks something, and that something is the BuddyRoid, as they served as a catalyst to let the Busters use the protectors in transformed state.

I find that it’s about time that they BuddyRoid become even more useful. Sure, they were needed to pilot the Buster Machines, but I always complained about them not being in the battlefield, well this time they will!

Back to Enter, he was cornered by Escape, who survived. When Messiah was defeated in the Hyperspace, Escape is the only person that I knew that she survived, because she ran away. Because of Enter’s new personality, he now treats Escape harshly, and Escape is forced to follow him. Damn I really like you now, Enter!

When they confronted HourglassRoid again, the Bug Duo arrived as well. Funny thing is that Masato said it’s been a while since he appeared, making the allusion that the series tends to forget him even though he appeared in all of the episodes since he’s debut. Now I’m gonna ramble about Masato a bit. Basically Masato did appear a lot in every episode, but it’s just that his avatar, or rather Hiroya Matsumoto didn’t really appear much. He’s just sort of there to transform, and let the BeetBuster suit actor to take the job. I really feel sorry for Hiroya Matsumoto. I don’t know if he’s really busy, but they sure want him to appear less and less. And to cover it up they said that he can’t always appear because he’s an avatar.

Back to the episode, the Go-Busters refused to give up because they don’t want the same thing that happened 13 years ago happen again. Basically the HourglassRoid is like an artificial-sort of Hyperspace, and that the school gets transported into him. This is why the Go-Busters wants to free them, as they didn’t want the same tragedy happened to innocent people.

RedBuster managed to break the hourglass, restoring it to normal. He then transforms into Powered Custom, and BlueBuster and YellowBuster did the same thing. First impressions on the Powered Custom, it’s kinda hit and miss. Granted I really liked Sentai upgrades, but since Shinkenger they were adding lazy parts to it. The same implies on the Powered Custom. First the morpher, what I really hate about it is that it features the same transforming sound as the Morphin Brace, aka the Knight Rider theme. I liked the theme but hey, if this is the new morpher then they should add new sounds to it. That’s when I found out that the toy is actually shitty, and the Knight Rider theme came from the Morphin Brace. Basically you just put the GB Custom Visor and then morph again using the Morphin’ Brace. What a lazy move.

Second, the armor. Now the armor has its pros, but I’ll go with the cons first. The cons lies on the body and head. The body armor isn’t actually an armor, it’s just a thicker and metallic straps that they used to carry TransPod around. And the head, they only added silvery chrome lines on their visor. Now this is where I get nitpicky. I really wished that they would make the helmets kinda like what MagiRanger did to Legend Mode, which is why that upgrade is so beautiful. Sure they would be goofy especially on Yellow Buster since she’s a rabbit, but I’m sure they will pull off cool helmet designs.

Now for the pros. First of is that the ‘Custom’ part actually implied on this upgrade. You see even though they share the same armor mold, but each Buster has their own customized parts on their armor. Other than their shoulder pads, YellowBuster’s boots has some yellow molding, and the same goes with BluBuster’s gauntlet. As for RedBuster, the gauntlet and arm is basic, but his chest piece contain’s a design that’s similar to Nick.

Second pros is that their abilities. Now I’ll go with RedBuster first because he’s the less interesting out of the three. Even though that they said that his speed is increased, it looks more of a teleporting because when he use his speed, he would let out a red smoke which is similar to Nightcrawler’s telerporting abilities.

BlueBuster and YellowBuster’s upgraded abilities is what impresses me the most. For BlueBuster, he it didn’t really affect his strength, but rather give him a new ability to co-op with his strength! He can create a digital copy of a substance to use it as a weapon. For example, if touches a ground, then he would create a boulder to throw it!

As for YellowBuster, her upgraded abilities is my favorite of the three. Like Ryuji, her new ability is made to co-op with her jumping ability. She can manifest data into an object in air which she can step on them to take an even higher jump! With this she can beat those parkours! She even pwned Kamen Rider Wizard’s acrobatics! Kidding, Wizard’s acrobatics is the best.

Because this is a Hiromu-focused episode, and him being the Red Ranger it would be natural for him to finish the enemy off. Because the Powered Custom lacks a specific weapon (as for now), they would make each of the Busters to have their own physical finisher! As for RedBuster, his finisher is called Volcanic Attack, which caused him to turn into CB-01 Animal Mode. I find the attack to be weird. I mean the attack itself kinda looks like the ones like in GekiRanger or DaiRanger or any Sentai that use mystical elements. But Go-Busters is a technological based Sentai, so it’s a weird blend here.

With HourglassRoid defeated and one Messiah Card destroyed, the Go-Busters celebrate their victory, even though they still got a MegaZord coming. Surprisingly this episode doesn’t even have a MegaZord battle, as it would occur in the next episode. Also while they were celebrating, StagBuster asks the Core Buster to do a Powered Morphin with him. Oh we all love you J.Stag. I wish there would be a Powered Custom for the Bug Duo where it would be stronger, although I think J.Stag himself is a Powered Custom since his design combines the aspects of Beet and Stag Buster.


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