Kamen Rider Wizard 16: A Magical Christmas!!!

Kamen Rider Wizard feat. Santa Claus!!!
Kamen Rider Wizard feat. Santa Claus!!!

Merry Christmas! Because Christmas is around the corner, it’s a tradition for Toku, and possibly every TV show would have a Christmas themed episode. And Wizard is no exception, as he delivered a wonderful Christmas episode!

Wizard EP16 (1) Wizard EP16 (2) Wizard EP16 (3)

First things first, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I wished that all of you who celebrated it had a good time. Second, this episode surprised me a lot because it is apparently a single episode! Starting episode 17 Wizard’s arc will be starting on an odd number episode and ends on an even number episode, just like the previous three seasons.

The episode began with Koyomi taking Haruto to the forest where she stumbled upon the sapphire magic stone. However, Haruto realized that they have been walking in circles, thus preventing them from entering Wiseman’s lair. Holy shit, is Wiseman’s lair is actually located in the Ginga Forest?! Also, this is the first time Chief Phantoms walk in a crowd of people, and they encountered a new Gate.

Wizard EP16 (5) Wizard EP16 (7) Wizard EP16 (8)

Meanwhile Rinko (who is so cute and reminds me of Luka) was forced to dress up as a female Santa, although her chief told her that Kizaki has approved her on tracking the Phantoms. Also I thought there would be a HarutoXRinko in this episode, because first Rinko’s chief said that she didn’t have a boyfriend (And she was annoyed by it), as well as Haruto saying her Santa outfit looks good. But instead he laughed at her, and I couldn’t help but laughed at Haruto’s laugh! It was so hilarious!

Unfortunately they were alerted to a Phantom’s attack. But Haruto only finds that the Ghouls are chasing the newest Gate. The fight with Gate is less amazing compared to the usual AWESOMEness, and it was short. Still, it was nice to see a double Wizard. Heh, double Wizard.

Wizard EP16 (9) Wizard EP16 (10) Wizard EP16 (11)

The Gate, Tatsuro is a very rude guy, and probably the first Gate who didn’t believe all those Wizard & Phantoms stuff even after seeing it. This guy tends to be in a rush, which catches Haruto’s attention as he said that this day is his “Day of Hope”. Turns out that he’s in a middle of his job, and he has loads of part-time jobs. The gang wondered why he needed so much money. Well even though that this guy is rowdy, but he gains money through honest means, unlike Manami in episode 6 & 7.

The gang (less Rinko, who was called by her superior to continue her work) finds out that Tatsuro is an orphan, an the principal tells the orphanage that Tatsuro is a very troublesome boy when he was young. He also told them that someone has been giving present to the children who lived there. Turns out that the person is Tatsuro, as he told Haruto that Christmas is what gives an orphan hope, and he wants to give the other orphans hope too. Well I guess this is the true meaning of Christmas, which is sharing. In Tatsuro’s case, he wants to share hope with the other kids. Speaking of the orphan kids, they’re very cute!

Wizard EP16 (12) Wizard EP16 (13) Wizard EP16 (14)

Unfortunately Phoenix overheard their conversation. Because this is a special and a single episode, they decided to feature Phoenix again as the MotW. This is where the fun starts. He wants to kill two birds with a stone by exacting revenge on Haruto, as well as driving the Gate into despair.

Because now Phoenix is stronger, and keeps getting stronger, I am wondering on how will Wizard defeat him. And yeah, the part where Haruto parkour’ed while transforming is very, very cool. Eventually Haruto turned into Flame Dragon to finish the job, but the same trick won’t work twice!

Wizard EP16 (15) Wizard EP16 (16) WIzard EP16 (17)

Wizard then retaliates by using Water Dragon. Because now Water is stronger, and has a secondary element which is ice, Phoenix is up for a fight. I’ve noticed that Water Dragon Slash Strike did chant “Jaba” and “Bashaan”, as I thought it would only chant “Sui” again. Damn that sword is cool. And yes, Water Dragon’s finisher, Water Freeze Whip is basically a recycled version of OOO PuToTyra Combo’s Scanning Charge. But because Wizard is a parkour Rider, we get to see some cool flips while he executes the finisher.

Surprisingly, Tatsuro fell into despair and the Phantomization, as what I would call it, is happening on him when Phoenix burned those presents! This looks like a job for……… WizarDragon!!! (Honestly, lame pun)

Wizard EP16 (18) Wizard EP16 (19) Wizard EP16 (20)

The Underfight is nothing special. Same old same old. But it’s really nice to see WizarDragon again, and this time he is obeying Wizard, though not directly. Looks like my guess is correct. After finishing the Phantom, Wizard gets a surprised visit by Santa Claus! Apparently this Santa Claus is American, and he gives Haruto a present before disappearing. Man, the Underworld is a really strange place.

When Haruto checks on Tatsuro, Tatsuro is still pissed that the children’s present is burned. This is when Santa’s present reveals itself: a Merry Christmas Ring!! Because this is a special Ring and one of the Rings that weren’t made by Wajima, it’s effect is very magical, as it restores the burned presents! But the Ring faded away, oh well this is a special episode so what gives?

Wizard EP16 (22) Wizard EP16 (23) Wizard EP16 (24)

Now that the present is delivered, Tatsuro’s principal found out that Tatsuro’s the one who delivered the presents. They were finally reunited, and Haruto & gang went back to the antique shop to have their own Christmas party, while complimenting on Rinko, only to laugh at her seconds later!

Overall, this is a filler episode, it didn’t really affect the plot, but this is a Christmas episode. You should watch it because it was fun and very magical, and probably my 2nd favorite Christmas themed episode on Toku (The first is Gokaiger because of Gokai Christmas and a Luka episode, and the third is Go-Busters 43, see its review maybe on this Sunday).

P/S: Now that I have completed all the Wizard deadlines, I will be making Wizard reviews once a week, and the earliest being a week after the episode premiere, as I’m watching the TV-Nihon subs. Because the next episode airs on January 6th, 2013, I’ll see you in 2 weeks with Wizard reviews! (Of course, I still got Go-Busters to do, as well as TMNT)


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