Kamen Rider Wizard 15: Crush

Also, this form right here.
Also, this form right here.

After knowing that Chizuru is the Gate, Haruto protects her from Satoshi. Unfortunately, Chizuru didn’t know that Satoshi is a Phantom, thus making Lizardman’s job easier to drive Chizuru to despair! Will Haruto use the sapphire magic stone to access a new form that will help defeat Lizardman?

Wizard EP15 (1) Wizard EP15 (2) Wizard EP15 (3)

Depite being a continuation of episode 14, this episode feels different because this time Haruto must protect the real Gate, Chizuru from the supposed Gate, Satoshi! This episode is basically Wizard trying to protect a damsel in distress from her hero who is the bad guy! Also in this episode we saw that Haruto isn’t always a righteous man. We’ll get to that further.

Because Chizuru didn’t know that Satoshi is a Gate, and now Satoshi is given the task of despairing her, she went to Satoshi’s house! Thankfully she told Haruto to come as well. In Satoshi’s house, the part where he filmed himself talking to Chizuru reminds me of some type of video……. if you know what I mean;)

Wizard EP15 (4) Wizard EP15 (5) Wizard EP15 (6)

When Haruto came, it’s really fun to watch Haruto talking to Satoshi without revealing to Chizuru who or what Satoshi really is. Because Haruto and Satoshi are now enemies, Chizuru tried to make them not to fight, as she thinks they are fighting for no reason. When Chizuru revealed that she wanted to see the completed movie so bad, Satoshi transform into Lizardman, only for Haruto to cover Chizuru so that she didn’t see that Lizardman is actually Satoshi.

The fight with Lizardman in the forest is simple. But I really liked the use of ExtendDefend Rings. The fight is short, as Lizardman retreats and now headed to the movie club to steal the film, so that he will crush it in front of Chizuru and brings her into despair.

Wizard EP15 (7) Wizard EP15 (8) Wizard EP15 (9)

However unbeknownst to Lizardman, Haruto found out that Chizuru actually developed a crush on Satoshi, hence why he covered Chizuru from seeing Satoshi transformed earlier, as well as not telling to Chizuru why he left Satoshi (As Chizuru still think Satoshi is a Gate).

Chizuru had a crush on Satoshi is because Satoshi always compliment to her on her acting, even though she’s always getting scolded and failed in auditions. Put simply, she wants Satoshi because Satoshi always cheers her up, and maybe because Satoshi has feelings on her too. Because of this, knowing that Satoshi is headed on their location, Haruto will protect Chizuru’s hope: Satoshi. Question is, how will he protect a Phantom?

Wizard EP15 (10) Wizard EP15 (11) Wizard EP15 (12)

This leads to Haruto using the Sleep Ring on Chizuru! This is so that Chizuru won’t see the terror of Haruto VS Satoshi, as well as the revelation that Satoshi is actually a bad guy. This also means that Haruto has no intentions to keep Satoshi alive, and with that, Shunpei gives him the new rings that Wajima made.

Wizard’s fight with Lizardman eventually brings them into a warehouse, and the fight scenes here is AWESOME. As usual Wizard is forced to show off his AWESOME flips to eliminate the Ghouls, and when Lizardman fired hi tendrils, Wizard used the Ghouls as a meat shield! Then Lizardman tried to crush Haruto using a car, but it barely scratched Wizard as he transformed into Water Style and used theLiquid Ring to liquify himself and let the car crushes him and he would be regenerated back!

Wizard EP15 (13) Wizard EP15 (15) Wizard EP15 (16)

Then the fight takes to the outside where the last scene of the late Satoshi’s movie were filmed. Before that, Wizard used a Water Slash Strike on Lizardman, weakening him. Now that he gained the upper hand, it’s time to show off his new Rings made from the sapphire magic stone.

Water Dragon Style, as opposed to the previous two Dragon Styles, is really beautiful to me. The blue used is so pretty and blends well with the transparent sapphires on Wizard’s face. Although maybe the metallic colors fits more. In terms of visual appearance, Water wins me over but in terms of epicness, Hurricane still owns me. But poor Flame. I still like it because it’s red. Also, this form is probably the Dragon Form that’s different than the other forms. The most (and apparently the only) obvious example is the WizarDriver chants. Flame Dragon just chants “Bou” and Hurricane’s “Byuu”, but Water here chants “Jaba”, “Bashaan”“Zabunn”. Not to mention the rhythm is different from Water Styles’ rhythm. It’s sad ’cause I liked Water Style’s rhythm.

Wizard EP15 (17) Wizard EP15 (18) Wizard EP15 (19)

As cool as the form looks, it doesn’t really impress me. Even though WizarDragon’s tail is deadly and the fact that he slashed the water into half is cool, but the way he finished Lizardman after using the Blizzard Ring was just meh. He just used the tail to crush a frozen Lizardman, like OOO PuToTyra Combo’s stupid scanning charge. Maybe it’s because Lizardman is already weakened by the Water Slash Strike earlier.

As Chizuru wakes up, Haruto lied to her that Satoshi had left to America to learn more about films. Even though he do that to give Chizuru hope and not to despair her, it wasn’t really good for him to do that. Yeah, giving hope doesn’t necessarily mean telling them the truth, but once they found out the truth they will be more despaired than ever. Although Haruto promised to tell her the truth one day.

Wizard EP15 (20) Wizard EP15 (21) Wizard EP15 (23)

At Wiseman’s lair, as he went back after taking a s**t earlier, he found out that the sapphire stone has disappeared. Then he laughed, meaning that he had completed his objective somehow. What does this objective mean? Maybe it’s related to the fact that Haruto will drive even closer to despair, as WizarDragon previously warned him. Well as of now we know that Wiseman and Kamen Rider Gandalf isn’t the same person (I’ve been having that thought because Rider stuff keeps revealing s**ts like that). And Wiseman sounded younger in this form. Could it be…….?

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