Kamen Rider Wizard 14: Reunion

Poitrine doughnuts!!! (Reference to Movie Wars Ultimatum)
Poitrine doughnuts!!! (Reference to Movie Wars Ultimatum)

In this episode, the Wiseman finally showed up his Phantom form, but only to the audience. While going out with Koyomi, Haruto encountered a guy who is attacked by Medusa. Assuming that this guy is a Gate, he went to protect him. And Koyomi followed a PlaMonster to Wiseman’s hideout!

Wizard EP14 (1) Wizard EP14 (2) Wizard EP14 (3)

First things first, if you noticed, the pics have TV-Nihon subtitles on it. This is because I’ve been print screening the episode and now I don’t have to rely on the others anymore! But big thanks on the people who provided the screencaps, as well as Orends Range. I’ve just recently do this stuff, because I wanted to review TMNT on my blog, but I don’t have the screencaps so I print screen it.

Move on to the episode, Rinko is surprised (and I was hoping that she might be jealous) that Koyomi went on a date with Haruto. The date itself is pretty much like an actual date, as I thought they two would go out like a brother and sister-type of outing. When Koyomi tried the clothes, man she is SO cute. Koyomi tried those clothes reminds me of Phillip from Kamen Rider W because both wore their own style of clothing and didn’t really know about other fashion.

Wizard EP14 (4) Wizard EP14 (5) Wizard EP14 (6)

The date is interrupted when a Cerberus PlaMonster asked Haruto to follow him. Just when they were about to, Haruto is alerted by a Phantom attack. While Koyomi followed Cerberus, Haruto went to find that Medusa is attacking a guy. Strangely this guy knew Haruto, even marks that he became a mage. Because Wizard lose in their previous fight, Wizard retaliates by using Hurricane Dragon, although the Thunder Ring only did a normal damage to Medusa. Guess that’s why Medusa is so fearless that even Phoenix is scared of her.

As for the Phantoms, in the beginning of the episode we showed that Wiseman is mutated into his Phantom form. The form itself is so simple, especially for a big boss. This makes me think that maybe he will mutate further. And for Koyomi, the Cerberus led her to the Wiseman’s hideout! Man, every of Koyomi’s scenes in this episode, well starting when she followed the Cerberus worried me to death that she might get attacked. I mean what do you expect from a girl who walks in the forest alone?!

Wizard EP14 (7) Wizard EP14 (8) Wizard EP14 (9)

When Haruto checked on the guy, he said that he had mistaken Haruto from some guy. This is obvious that the guy is hiding something. Something bad. Back at the antique shop Haruto and co. encountered Chizuru, amateur actress that apparently knew the ‘Gate’! He’s Satoshi, an independent film director. Chizuru had onced starred in his film, but she told the co. that the film wasn’t completed because Satoshi disappeared 6 months ago. It’s obvious that Satoshi’s a Phantom.

Satoshi brings them to his movie club so that he can ‘edit the movie’. In truth he ran away from them. As for Chizuru she states that Satoshi is the one that makes her have the hope to become an actress, even though she’s a terrible one. As Satoshi escaped, he encountered Medusa and Phoenix again, and he finally reveals that he is Phantom Lizardman. I think we’ve seen this Phantom before……

Wizard EP14 (10) Wizard EP14 (11) Wizard EP14 (12)

Regardless instead of attacking Lizardman, Medusa ordered him to attack Haruto, because Haruto thinks that Satoshi is a Gate. This is the first time the Chief Phantoms asked for the other Phantoms to specifically attack Wizard, not counting Phoenix because he’s given the job to drive a Gate into despair as well. Maybe this is because they haven’t encounter any new Gate.

Back on Haruto, they realized that Satoshi ran away and tracks him down. During the search, the Hungy Doughnuts offered Haruto a new doughnut, and as usual Haruto declined, even though this time he’s busy. The doughnut turns out to be Poitrine Doughnut, named after Poitrine who is the guest star in Wizard’s portion in Movie Wars Ultimatum! This is meant to say that the movie is indeed canon after all, which I am glad to hear (Fourze is canon too, you’ll see).

Wizard EP14 (13) Wizard EP14 (14) Wizard EP14 (16)

As for Koyomi, she encountered a sapphire magic stone on Wiseman’s bed, while Kamen Rider Gandalf watched her from far. This has caused some speculations on the White Wizard. Is he a bad guy or a good guy? I mean he helps Wizard, but the fact that he’s nearby on Wiseman’s hideout bothers me. Maybe he’s connected to Wiseman or he’s spying Wiseman? I don’t know, I just hope he’s not a bad guy. Say no to evil Gandalf!

Haruto finally found Satoshi, whom secretly decides to kill him by using accidents such as pushing a truck to hit Haruto, but to no avail. Eventually Haruto found out that Satoshi is a Phantom, as well as knowing how Satoshi knows him! Turns out that Lizardman is the very first Phantom that attacked Haruto, only for Haruto to be saved by Kamen Rider Gandalf! Lizardman considers this to be his revenge, although to be honest it was the White Wizard that attacked him.

Wizard EP14 (17) Wizard EP14 (18) Wizard EP14 (19)

While Medusa watched from afar, Chizuru went to Wizard, and Medusa found the newest Gate: Chizuru! Not only Wizard now knows that Satoshi is a Phantom, but Chizuru is also a Gate! The episode was left in a cliffhanger as Medusa prepares to ‘tentacle rape’ Chizuru!

Overall, finally some connections to the past. While they didn’t explain it, but they have showed us bits about the past, and the fact that the show’s plot is will be progressing a lot. I loved at how they used an old Phantom, as well as the revelation of Chizuru being the Gate at the end. Just wondering, when Koyomi went into Wiseman’s bed, where the hell is Wiseman? Did he went out to take a s**t?

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