Kamen Rider Wizard 13: A Confectionery Named ‘Hope’

Self-shot :P
Self-shot 😛

After the revelation that Matsuki is the Gate, Haruto tries his best to protect him from falling into despair. Meanwhile, Tetsuya decides to live his boss’s legacy! And will Shunpei be useful?


In the last episode we knew that Haruto knew that Tetsuya is not the Gate, this is because he’s bothered by the fact that Valkyrie attacked the sweets, not Tetsuya. Because now they’ve been tricked and lose their restaurant deal, Matsuki is forced to close the shop.

As for Wizard’s allies, all of them seem useful in this episode (except Wajima because he already proved his usefulness in the last episode). Yes, even Shunpei. We’ll get to Shunpei later. Koyomi proved to be somewhat useful because she accompanied Haruto and detected that Medusa’s around. Well at least she alerted Haruto to danger as opposed to sitting in the shop while the PlaMonster did the job. As for Rinko (forgot to tell you that she only makes a cameo in the previous episode), she’s the one who cheered Shunpei up.


Because Koyomi detected Medusa, Haruto went after her. Finally, we get to see the higher Chief Phantoms spar with Wizard. As expected from someone who’s bossy all the time, Medusa proved to be a challenge to Wizard. Just like his first fight with Phoenix, Wizard continued to spam his Land Defend but failed. And the most amazing thing about this fight, Medusa didn’t even warmed up yet!

As for Tetsuya, after he heard that Shunpei’s dream is to become a mage, but Haruto inherits it, he decided to do the same. He wants to inherit Matsuki’s legacy. When Haruto found out about this, he realized that Tetsuya is pretty much the Haruto version of the confectioneries, and now Wizard must also accept the fact that he’s a mage. In case you don’t know, Wizard’s reason for fighting is just to prevent people from falling into despair, without realizing that he’s the goddamn mage.


Because Medusa overheard Matsuki’s conversation earlier, she ordered Valkyrie to attack Tetsuya, because Tetsuya’s failure is the catalyst of Matsuki’s despair. One thing I wanna point out is that Matsuki actually cared a lot about Tetsuya, as he asked for a friend to give Tetsuya a job. Just saying, just because people is strict and maybe cold around you doesn’t mean he didn’t care about you, but in fact it’s otherwise.

With Valkyrie attacking Tetsuya, Wizard comes and fights the former while Tetsuya rushed to the store to apply for his new job, with the ‘Hope’ as his resume. The fight itself is really interesting, as Valkyrie tried to crush the ‘Hope’. Eventually the fight continues until there’s only one ‘Hope’ left, and as it were about to fall into the water, Shunpei arrived and catch it. This time Haruto’s glad that Shunpei is around, and Shunpei’s finally happy that Haruto approved him.


Still, Valkyrie isn’t defeated yet, and Wizard upgrades into Hurricane Dragon to fight him. During this fight Wizard also showcased Hurricane Dragon’s special ability, which is Wizard equipped with WizarDragon’s wings. This ability is also accessed by using the Special Ring that came with Flame Dragon, and it’s kinda weird that Flame Dragon has only one additional Rings while Hurricane, and the upcoming Dragon forms as two.

Regardless, because of the wings, Wizard combines it with the Thunder Ring to create a thunderstorm. The finisher is by far the coolest of Wizard’s. I is just me, or the Hurricane Styles’ finisher is the best?


Now that the shop is closed, and Tetsuya got the job (even though they didn’t show how he went to the shop)! And Shunpei actually didn’t know why they protected the ‘Hope’! Maybe Shunpei has his own specialty after all, which is to protect something even though he didn’t know what was it for.

P/S: If you look closely, Shunpei didn’t wear the Engage Ring while Koyomi and Rinko did. I don’t know if the actor forgot to wear one or maybe Shunpei thinks that it’s silly to wear it.

Overall, just like the last episode, this episode is great. Not only the episode gives a valuable lesson as well as a new hope, but also showcased the Hurricane Dragon’s epicness. But one thing though, it’s kinda disappointing that the Phantom always lose, I mean I hoped that they will achieve their objective and give birth to a new Phantom once.


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