Kamen Rider Wizard 12: Another New Style

KA-CHING biatch!
KA-CHING biatch!

In this episode, Wizard got another bling-bling made by Wajima. As Shunpei tried to ‘evolve’ as a reliable assistant, he met his old friend who now works as a manju cook. Unfortunately, the Phantoms have targeted him! Will Haruto show off his new bling-bling to the Phantoms?


As promised, Wajima made another Wizard Ring to Haruto, which is the Hurricane Dragon Ring. In addition, he made another one using the same stone. Maybe each Dragon forms will have their own special Rings? As for Shunpei, yeah I admit that he’s annoying. But thank goodness I don’t feel that way. I don’t know about you guys, but to me Shunpei’s annoyance is better than Yuki’s annoyance in Fourze. Maybe it’s because I was forced to listen to the series’s annoying things have caused me to consider Shunpei’s annoyance as nothing. Well thank goodness. But I really liked the scene where Haruto takes the pamphlet from the takoyaki mascot. Honestly when Haruto siad he was hungry I thought he’s gonna eat those takoyakis, but as usual he went to the Hungry Doughnuts.

Meanwhile, the Chief Phantoms recruited Valkyrie, who really resembles Delu Knight from AkibaRanger. Heck, I think they are modified and re-used it! But unlike Delu Knight, this Valkyrie is a little humble. His task is to attack a Tetsuya who is Shunpei’s sempai and now works as the apprentice at Matsukian, a Japanese confectioner. I really wanna taste those sweets……


At the Hungry Donuts, the Owner plays tag with Haruto (which is so damn hilarious!)until Haruto is forced to react on a Phantom attack. During the fight with Wizard and Valkyrie, it’s strange that Valkyrie didn’t attack Tetsuya at all. Instead he attacked the confectioneries. This ruined Tetsuya’s delivery, and as a result he was scolded by his boss. Even though Haruto suspected that something’s wrong, at least he know that they know who the Gate is.

In order to avoid Tetsuya from falling into despair, as well as make more money for the Matsukian, Shunpei decided to force people to buy the confectioneries. During this scene, it’s somewhat annoying, but then when Shunpei forced the takoyaki mascot to buy the manju it was really funny. I just loved at how cute the takoyaki mascot is.


Eventually Shunpei met a guy who loved the manjus and offered to buy them. Honestly he’s something wrong. I just know the aura. Ragardless, Tetsuya persuaded his boss to take the job, and created a new type of manju. The manju is named ‘Hope’, possibly after Haruto’s meddling and the fact that this manju will get them back into business. Oh yeah, when Matsuki asked them to taste the manju, this is probably the first time we see Haruto ate something else other than donuts, not to mention that he loved them!

When Matsuki and Shunpei went to deliver the ‘Hope”, Haruto sent Kraken PlaMonster to watch them. Unfortunately, the store where the guy who offered to buy the manju didn’t order them. Then it’s revealed that the guy is the Valkyrie Phantom, and Tetsuya is not the Gate, Matsuki is!


Apparently Haruto knew that Tetsuya wasn’t the Gate and Matsuki is the Gate. Before he pwn Valkyrie, he was force to take on the Ghouls, and you know how much I loved Wizard VS Ghouls. This time he adds the AWESOMEness by using the  Copy Ring, even though this time he’s not as badass as episode 5.

Because there are too many of Ghouls, Wizard decides to use them as practice for his Hurricane Dragon Style. I’ve noticed that everytime Wizard uses a Dragon Style, he will always use dual-wield WizardSwordGun. And because Hurricane is a speed-type, he used the dual WizardSwordGun backhandedly, which is AWESOME.


The other Ring that Wajima made earlier is the Thunder Ring, and it is only compatible with the Hurricane Dragon Style. The attack itself is very, very cool. Wizard just summoned a projection of WizarDragon, but covered by green thunder. This is way better than the Flame Dragon’s death breath, and easily my favorite.

However during the fight Shunpei stupidly wants to do something to help Haruto, which we know might resulted in disaster. But before he can do anything, Valkyrie catch him and plans to use Shunpei as a meat shield! What will Haruto do now? Basically if I were him I would just kill both, and I think others might agree. But hey, I liked Shunpei, at least he wasn’t as annoying as Yuki Jojima did.

Overall, a really good episode. Aside from the Hurricane Dragon debut, my favorite part of this episode is when they created the Hope manju. The background music sounded like the ones in MasterChef. And other than that, I really loved everytime they showed the takoyaki mascot. Hoho.


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