TMNT 2012 Episode 1: Four Turtles in a Big City!!

Still got that white pupil I see!

The Turtles are rebooted once again! Ignore the upcoming movie that Michael Bay directed, this is the one you should see for a Ninja Turtle reboot! In this very first chapter of their rebooted saga, the Turtles went into the surface for the first time! Not only that, they also found out that an alien race is here on Earth too? Will the turtles stop them?

TMNT EP1 (1)  TMNT EP1 (2)  TMNT EP1 (3)

The very first episode starts with the turtles sparring against each other, Michelangelo VS LeonardoRaphael VS Donatello. Then Raph takes on Leo after they have defeated the other two. This scene basically explains the personality of the turtles, which most of you know. The fight ends with Raph defeating Leo, making Raph physically the strongest of the turtles.

First impressions on these rebooted Turtles, honestly I liked this ones better than the previous series. The 2003 series looks like a bunch of greasers and meaner which is good, but I don’t really prefer them that much. As for this one, they obviously looked immature, yet able to prove themselves as badasses. Put simply, these new Turtles are a mix of the 1987 & 2003 versions of the turtles, and perhaps was based on the 2007 movie version. I didn’t really remember though.

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And also, the voices for these turtles are really good. I’ll go one by one. First off we got Jason Biggs who played Jim Levenstein from American Pie voicing Leonardo. His voice are really good, and captures the personality of Leo perfectly. And Sean Astin who was better known as Sam in Lord of the Rings voiced Raphael this time. When I found out he voiced Raph, I couldn’t help but to think that Raph might be using Sam’s accent in the series! And Rob Paulsen previously did Raphael in the 1987 version, this time he does Donatello! I wonder how he once voiced the hothead Raph and now the clumsy Don. But the ones that surprised me is Greg Cipes voicing Michelangelo. Cipes is known as Beast Boy in Teen Titans and Kevin Levin in Ben 10, so with him voicing Mikey is very good. In fact, he’s the one that stands out the most of the group, at least to me.

Trivia aside, we got Master Splinter who in this series looks younger and more strict. I mean the last series he was portrayed as a wise and elderly-type sensei, but this time he seemed younger. Also, while the CGI was meant to make the turtles look somewhat live action-ish, but they still put some cartoonish effects on it, maybe to make a reference to the comic book, as well as animes because you know, this is ninjas. And the opening, I REALLY liked it. The rap is just good, it makes me wish that it was the theme of Power Rangers, although PR fans wouldn’t really like rap themes.

TMNT EP1 (8)  TMNT EP1 (9)  TMNT EP1 (10)

After training the turtles celebrate their ‘Mutation Day’, which began 15 years ago. The human Splinter bought them and noticed there’s a strange meeting in the alley. The people in the meeting discovered and attacked him, but Splinter fought back. Unfortunately during the skirmish the people dropped a strange goo, which caused Splinter to be turned into a rat and the turtles  mutated into humanoid turtles. Mikey considered the goo as their ‘mom’ as it mutated them.

Because this is their 15th mutation day, the turtles decided that they wanted to go out to the surface, because they have been training all their lives for that. Eventually, after having a hard time negotiating with Splinter, they were allowed to go. I just loved at how they persuaded Splinter, by making the cute anime faces at him.

TMNT EP1 (11)  TMNT EP1 (12)  TMNT EP1 (13)

Before they go, Leo is watching a parody of Star Trek called Space Heroes. The animation itself resembled Hanna Barbera’s animation style, which is a great reference. I’ve noticed that they way Leo is addicted to Space Heroes is like us otakus, and especially otakus that tend to mimic the series (like me). That’s truly a great shout out to us otakus.

Just like a boy who is given a freedom, the turtles quickly found the surface world to be beautiful, even though they were in the alley of New York, which is full with hobos and trashes and graffiti. Oh yeah, one thing that I wanna point out that when the turtles are showing off their weapons, Mikey is able to turn his nunchakus into kusarigamas (a type of sickle). Even though it’s great that he and Don have the ability to add blades to their weapons (Don’s bo staff can be turned into a naginata, a type of spear), I think that fans wouldn’t really like this addition. I myself is fine by it.

TMNT EP1 (14)  TMNT EP1 (15)  TMNT EP1 (16)

After admiring the surface, the turtles encountered a pizza boy, and takes a pizza that the guy dropped when he ran away from them. After tasting the pizzas, which Raph described that the first time they’ve tasted something good (because this time they have been eating worms), the turtles found the surface world to be perfect.

Before they head back, Donnie noticed a girl walking with her father, and quickly fell in love with her. Suddenly a van came and kidnapped the girl and her father, and because Donnie developed a crush on her he came to her aid, followed by the others.

TMNT EP1 (17)  TMNT EP1 (18)  TMNT EP1 (19)

During their first ever real fight, the turtles were having a hard time because of their lack of teamwork and their enemy is ridiculously strong. By ridiculous I mean their face is emotionless and they appeared to be twins?! It’s obvious that these guys were robots. Unfortunately the robots managed to kidnap the two because of the turtles arguing with each other. Meanwhile Mikey discovered that their opponents is really robot, and not only that, they are operated by aliens! Mikey tried to tell the others, but they wouldn’t believe him because Mikey is Mikey.

Back at the sewer,the turtles are blaming each other for their failure, Raph blaming Leo, Leo blames Don, and Mikey accidentally blamed Splinter. Splinter tells them that they need to work as unit, and in order to do that they need a leader. I find it really funny that Splinter decides to meditate to select a leader, only to appoint Leo just a second later.

TMNT EP1 (23)  TMNT EP1 (24)  TMNT EP1 (25)

With Leo as the leader, the turtles went to the surface again. They track the truck that took the girl, and after giving them a chase, they driver fights back with an unusual gun. During the skirmish the driver dropped a tube of goo, which shocked the turtle as they were surprised that the goo is the very same goo that mutated them! Does this means that the aliens is related with the turtles mutation?

Overall, a really great first part of a two-parter premiere. Honestly I just find that this episode would give us a really good series, and a good one after a long time. Cartoons nowadays aren’t really that good, but this one is really great. One thing I wanna point out is that the series may seem childish because of the jokes and the mild-violence, but it contained stuff that would make this show worth to be watched by all ages. Just give a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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