Power Rangers MegaForce – Gosei Morpher Demo

RangerCrew has just posted their demonstration of the Power Rangers Megaforce morpher, the Gosei Morpher! This transformation device comes with 10 cards that unlock 10 phrases and sound effects.

Collecting more cards can unlock more phrases and sound effects. It is said that this morpher has a total of 180 phrases that you can hear. Also seen in the demo are the Wild Force Red, Ninja Storm Red, SPD Red and Mystic Force Red getting scanned.
As for my opinion, this is the best thing that Bandai America has released, or rather will release. While I don’t really like the Gosei Morpher voice (the Tensouder are WAY cooler), it’s okay. But the past Rangers cards is really AWESOME. I really liked that when they announced the series name, followed by the color’s name, just like Mobirates did with Gokaiger. Overall, I’m looking forward to this, which is probably in 2014 where MegaForce airs in my country. On thing though, they didn’t add the “Gotcha” phrase 😥

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