Kamen Rider Wizard 11: Confessions of a Four-Eyed Jerk (Kizaki)

OMG it’s Assassin’s Creed!!!
OMG it’s Assassin’s Creed!!!

In this episode, Kizaki finally revealed the truth behind Naoki’s father’s death. Does this truth is connected to how Kizaki obtained the emerald magic stone? Will the Mario Phantom drive Naoki to despair? And will Wajima ever get released?


First things first, I want to note that as of this episode, it’s pretty much confirmed that Kizaki is not related to the Phantom, as what I would suspect back in Episode 2. This fact is proved by Kizaki desperately trying to get a Wizard Ring to allow the police force, or rather his special unit (I don’t remember the name and I’m too lazy to do research) fight the Phantoms, and not just relying on Wizard. And other is that Wiseman sounds older, so it couldn’t possibly be Kizaki. Even though Kizaki wants to use magic, Wajima said he can’t. Even though Wajima said the magic depends on the user’s heart, in actuality only Gates can use magic. And for them to use Wizard Rings, a Gate must possess a WizarDriver.

After Wajima’s speech, it appears that Kizaki is escorting Naoki to get out of Tokyo. Judging by Naoki is hooded all the time, I know that wasn’t Naoki. They were trying to use a diversion. Furthermore Naoki tends to disobey Kizaki, so it wouldn’t be logical if obeyed him this time. But I liked the fact that Kizaki spoke to ‘Naoki’ like it was him when they were alone, even fooling the audience thinking that was Naoki.


Unfortunately Ghouls attacked them, and even though Wizard arrived, Phoenix intervenes much to Wizard’s surprise. During Wizard and Phoenix’s fight I noticed that Wizard is still using the normal Rings and not the Flame Dragon Ring. People will say that he didn’t learn, but to me Wizard is trying to not to spam his new power much, and maybe he wants to train his standard forms so that they can take on Phoenix without relying on Flame Dragon.

Unfortunately Phoenix’s fight caused ‘Naoki”s cover to blow, and it’s really not Naoki! Furthermore, Phoenix himself is actually a diversion, as he only appeared to tell Wizard that Kizaki’s plan is only a diversion. Haruto asked Kizaki why, it’s because of a promise that Kizaki made 6 months ago.


6 months ago, Kizaki and his unit are investigating a string of disappearances, which is the Phantom ritual that give birth to several Phantoms, as well as the birth of Kamen Rider Wizard. During the investigation Naoki’s dad obtained the emerald magic stone and learned about the Phantoms. By the time they went to investigate a suspect, which is that Mario Phantom, they learned that the Phantoms have targeted Naoki, and this is how Kizaki knew that Naoki is a Gate. Naoki’s dad sacrificed himself, before telling Kizaki to keep Naoki safe from the Phantom.

Also the reason why Kizaki didn’t tell Naoki the truth about his dad is because Naoki is naive, and if he learns that he was the reason his dad died, it would emotionally scar him. Put simply, if Kizaki told him, Naoki would fall into despair even without the a Phantom’s meddling. Whoa, this is one hell of a Gate huh?


Back at Rinko, she found out that the plan is a diversion, so did the Phantoms. This is why Gargoyle didn’t attack ‘Naoki’ earlier, because Medusa suspected that something’s wrong. Of course she can suspect it, I mean she can sense a Gate, so a diversion would be pretty useless if Medusa’s around.

While Rinko takes Naoki to somewhere safe, the PlaMonsters fights Gargoyle. I find that this scene is really funny because of two things, first Gargoyle getting beaten’ up by small fries and second because it’s silliness! I mean it took Gargoyle’s rock skin ability to beat them! Also since the PlaMonster shines in this scene, they showed the ability to combine themselves, which is neat because they were showing their functions, and adds the more reason to buy this cuties! What do you expect? This is a 30-minute toy commercial right? At least they did it right, unlike that previous series :P


Unfortunately Gargoyle revealed the truth to Naoki, and mocks that he’s the reason his father died. As expected, Naoki fell into despair, and yes!!! It’s been a long time that they did this, the latest being Shunpei (the kid from episodes 8-9 doesn’t count because his despair is only in Haruto’s dream).

Eventually Haruto and Kizaki arrived, and while the former is busy fighting Gargoyle, the latter is busy convincing Naoki to have hope, even though it’s too late since Naoki’s fallen into despair. The fight between Gargoyle and Wizard is short, maybe because of the upcoming long-waited battle. During this fight Haruto managed to counter Gargoyle’s rock skin ability, by using a dual-wield WizardSwordGun to shoot at the same place repeatedly. And the Flame Dragon’s death breath is even cooler now, as it looks more of an inferno rather than a flamethrower.


With Gargoyle defeated, it’s time for the long-awaited battle, the Underworld battle! Because the Dragon Styles is basically Wizard DigiXrossed with WizarDragon, Wizard cannot assume Dragon Styles to fight them. And is it just me, or is the WizarDragon tends to obey Wizard this time? I mean he didn’t even go wild. One thing that I’m disappointed is that WizarDragon didn’t talk this time. Maybe he can only talk in Haruto’s own Underworld.

Regardless, the Underworld battles looks cartoonish, because the CGI is not good. Granted, they would require a lot of budget, but this’ll do. And the Kick Strike with WizarDragon is always cool, but I’m bothered when they showed it from the side view, because it looks like Wizard is kicking a huge chunk of trash.


After that, Naoki is saved, and he decides to be a cop just like Kizaki. Meanwhile Wajima is freed, and is given a souvenir too! This souvenir is the emerald magic stone, and it appears that Kizaki had approved Haruto, and considers him as an ally. I just loved that when Haruto said that Kizaki is a good guy, Kizaki suddenly sneezes.

Overall, yes. Watch this episode. You have to see the underworld battle, and the PlaMonster combining is really fun to watch. And I’m glad that Kizaki’s a good guy. One thing though, if he investigated the string of disappearances 6 months ago, why didn’t he aid Haruto, like giving him the list of the people who disappeared? This would help Haruto’s job much easier you know.


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