Kamen Rider Wizard 10: Agent Kizaki Returns


After being absent for 7 weeks (literally 7 episodes), our mysterious Agent Kizaki returns! This time, he abducts Wajima so that he can have his own Wizard Rings! Does this mean he will be a new Kamen Rider?


First off, we were given details on how Phoenix is still alive, despite being hit by Wizard’s death breath earlier. As expected from somebody called Phoenix, he has the ability to revive himself after death (Watch Harry Potter 2 for more details). As Wizard himself is unaware of this fact, I wonder how they will kill Phoenix someday. I mean come on man, every villain will die.

As for Kizaki, it appears that he’s actually a stalker! He’s been absent all this while because he’s been stalking Haruto, and deems him a dangerous thereat, even though Haruto is obviously a good guy. Because Kizaki is your typical jerk, he went to the antique shop and abducts Wajima! Poor old man 😥


It appears that he wanted to abduct Wajima is because he wants Wajima to create a Wizard Ring for himself, as he mysteriously possessed a magic stone to create Wizard Rings. Just asking, how did Wajima can create loads of the amber Ability Rings? Did he get a huge chunk of it?

As for Wizard, he fights Gargoyle who attacked Naoki, the latest Gate. As it name implies, Gargoyle has the ability to turn himself into a stone, which caused Wizard a hard time. Luckily he retreats, and Haruto explains to Naoki about everything you need to know if you’re a Gate. During that time, they hangout at Hungry Doughnuts, and surprisingly Haruto bought a doughnut that is not plain sugar!…… only for it to be served to Naoki. I was just wondering if he ever tried different doughnuts one day, maybe in the finale.

Naoki revealed that he came to Tokyo (because he lived in Akita) is because he wanted to see Kizaki. When they confront Kizaki, I just totally love the misunderstanding between Naoki, Kizaki, Rinko and Haruto. Also I’ve noticed that Haruto frequently uses English, as he mostly mixed it up with Japanese. For example, he said to Kizaki ”You dare?” (Who are you?) . Fortunately after those misunderstandings Naoki gets to stay with Haruto, although Wajima is still confined.


Naoki explained that Kizaki was once his father’s partner and considers him like a brother, but after since his father died, Kizaki changed into the man he is today and seems to be hiding something about his father’s death to Naoki. Even when Haruto confronted Kizaki the next day (with Wajima still captured), Kizaki refused to tell hem.

Meanwhile, Gargoyle met with Medusa and Phoenix. Phoenix volunteers to fight Wizard while Gargoyle turned Naoki to despair, but Medusa refuses, because Phoenix is still weak. I wonder, maybe Wizard can defeat Phoenix while he’s just been revived, because he’s still weak. As for Gargoyle, his human form is actually Mario! Mama mia…..


Eventually Naoki went to the site where his father died, only to see a flower and beer on it, and only to be attacked by Mario! Fortunately Kizaki saved him and Haruto also transform into Wizard to fight Mario. Because Gargoyle has no time for Wizard, he summoned Ghouls, and you know how much I loved it when Wizard fought the Ghouls.

The fight eventually caused Wizard to show off his Flame Dragon again, and this time he demonstrates more of WizardSwordGun’s ability. This time he used Big Ring to turn his weapon bigger, and apparently the bigger the blade the more effective it is against Gargoyle’s rock skin. Without further ado he used his death breath to Gargoyle, on for Gargoyle to use the Ghouls as his meat shield! Because of this, Wizard failed to destroy Gargoyle and the first time he didn’t say his catchphrase “Wheww” after executing his finale.


When Haruto went to check on Naoki, Kizaki refused to let Naoki go with Haruto, only for Naoki to disobey him and calling him a selfish guy, and because of his selfishness is what caused Naoki’s father his life. Just what really is going on with them?

Overall, the episode actually bored me a bit, but its worth it since it has connections to the future episodes, particularly the emerald magic stone. Also Kizaki’s back, why would you skip this?


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