Power Rangers MegaForce’s Mega Sneak Peek!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted news. Anyways, below are the two pics of the cast of the upcoming Power Rangers MegaForce, showing us what would we expect for them to be in the season!

Helmetless Rangers on their base!
Helmetless Rangers on their base!

First one is the Rangers without their helmets, in their secret base! It looks like they are trying to make an MMPR reference here huh? If you look closely on the Pink Ranger, you can see some colored figures of what might be the Ranger Keys! Because MegaForce is going to use both Goseiger and Gokaiger, this could be mean that the keys have some role in it! And by now it’s confirmed that the Rangers will stay in this suit for both seasons, which means the Gokaiger suits won’t be used or they would be like the Alien Rangers.

Rangers at the school
Rangers at the school

Second is the MegaForce team in their casual clothes in the school hallways! By looking at their dressing, it’s obvious that the Rangers did a reference to the MMPR teams! For instance, Troy looks a lot like Jason, which interests me because he’s the Red Ranger, and his Japanese counterpart is super naive, I wonder how will he work that when the Japanese footage are being used! And the Blue Ranger Noah is basically the Billy of this series, judging by the glasses! But it appears that he doesn’t look like a nerd to me. And finally Emma the Pink Ranger is obviously based on Kimberly. Maybe she will also displays some gymnastic abilities? As for Jake the Black Ranger, while he doesn’t really resembles Zack or Adam, or he might be, I’ve noticed that he wore NY jacket and Adidas shoes, something that’s rare in most seasons! Maybe this time Saban would try to get sponsors? And for Gia the Yellow Ranger, she doesn’t pay homage to Trini or Aisha, but rather she looks like Kira from Dino Thunder. This is great, since Kira’s one of my favorite Yellow.

Because of this pictures, my faith to Power Ranger has been restored. This is because Samurai really ruined it and so far MegaForce toys’ naming has been pretty shitty, but now I really hope the cast can deliver an astounding performance, because if not then I’m afraid if I won’t watch PR anymore. Regardless, now I’m looking forward to MegaForce!

P/S: I seriously want them to change the MegaForce logo, as well as renaming the series as MegaMax Force. They were just pretty generic.

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