Go-Busters Mission 32: Help Gavan a.k.a Worst Episode Ever

Gavan, pretty much the closest we can get for the 6th Buster
Gavan, pretty much the closest we can get for the 6th Buster

In this episode, the Go-Busters continues to work with Gavan to take out the Rhino Doubler. Unaware to them, or about to be aware, is that Rhino Doubler has teamed up with the apparently alive Enter! Now that Vaglass is back, will Gavan stays with them and be the 6th Buster?


As what I would name it, this is the worst episode so far in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. This is because they had an opportunity to do a great 2nd part to the crossover, but they just blew it. The main focus in the episode is that Gavan having problems with the Go-Busters teamwork, which is evidenced by Morishita’s lazy report, the BuddyRoids’ problem, and not to mention the typical Bug Duo running gag. And what made it worse, is that they didn’t even bother putting more focus on this aspect!

Like seriously, Gavan just saying that he thinks that the Go-Busters didn’t have a good teamwork, and he didn’t do anything about it. And Gavan pretty much acts like a regular cast member on this episode, due to the fact he worked with the Go-Busters like it’s been a long time they’ve been together and he’s seriously acted like a 6th Ranger, and this is like an episode that doesn’t focus on the 6th Ranger. Get what I mean?


And perhaps the biggest mistake ever in this episode is the focus on Morishita. Granted, I like it when they focused on the allies, but this is a crossover episode, and actually its okay if they wanted to focus on Morishita, but they did it as the main focus! Honestly they could just do it in another episode! Or use it as a subplot!

Morishita’s problems is that he overheard Gavan’s complaints on the Go-Busters, and he starts to think of a way to make the Go-Busters fight more efficiently should they ever travel into Makuu Dimension again. He seeks help from the scientists who studied dimensions, who also somehow knew about Makuu Dimension. This is when Rhino Doubler appears and sends them to the Makuu Dimension.


Before that, Rhino Doubler is confronted by Enter, who offered his aid to Rhino Doubler. Their plan is to abduct talented people all over the world, until there are useless people left and the world would naturally be destroyed. ‘Greatest’ plan ever.

The Go-Busters confronts Rhino Doubler again, and when they transform, it pretty much looks like Gokaiger VS Gavan, or rather Gavan series itself, because the narrator explains the transformation process. Also during this scene is the only scene where you get to see Masato’s untransformed state. Poor Hiroya Matsumoto.

Rhino Doubler takes them to the Makuu Dimension, where they are greeted by Enter. And this is when the episode gets really stupid. The battle with Rhino Doubler and Enter is really, really off, particularly the scenery change. I understand that the Makuu Dimension is a bizarre place, but honestly, RedBuster and Gavan was fighting Rhino Doubler in a tunnel, and then suddenly they fight on Saturn’s ring! It’s just stupid.

Because the connections are off, the Go-Busters cannot summon their weapons. Now I find that this is silly, because there are plenty of situations when the hero were forced to rely on hand-to-hand combat and managed to defeat the enemy regardless. But think again, the Makuu Dimension triples the enemy’s power, so the use of weapons are the only means to defeat them.


Thanks to BlueBuster & YellowBuster freeing Morishita, now the Busters can summon their weapons. When they deliver the final blow to Rhino Doubler, it was great because they were doing a combo with Gavan. Back at the real world, it appears that Enter’s plans is to combine the Makuu Dimension and the Hyperspace, to devour Earth. And all he needs is Rhino Doubler, or actually, his corpse. Now I understand that after giving Rhino Doubler as taste of Special Buster x3 and Gavan Dinamic should obliterate him completely, but the fact that Rhino Doubler’s power is tripled in the Makuu Dimension, it is acceptable that it only kills him, not destroys him completely.

Because of Enter fusing a Metavirus with Rhino Doubler, his plan succeeds and Rhino Doubler is revived to giant size. Using Great Go-Buster, the Busters are having a hard time fighting him. Then Gavan summoned his Dol, which apparently only attacks Rhino Doubler once and that’s just it. I feel that Dol is sadly useless in this situation. Honestly, the way they treat Gavan is like a 6th Ranger in an episode where the 6th Ranger is just a supporting character.


After the Go-Busters finished Rhino Doubler, Gavan decides to leave. Now I know that the were supposed to stay until Rhino Doubler is defeated, but the way that they executed the farewell is just sad. And I couldn’t help the fact that after Gavan left, they thanked Morishita, the main focus of the episode. Gosh. Now I like Morishita but it’s just sad because his the reason this episode suffered.

Overall, skip it. Yeah, just skip it. Granted that the Go-Busters found out that Enter survived, but you should just watch Mission 31 and then considered that Gavan left to take care of Rhino Doubler on his own and the Go-Busters magically knew that Enter’s alive and go ahead to Mission 33. Also, like I said, Gavan’s role is just minor this time, despite him being the guest star. Even our ’6th’ Ranger Masato and J.Stag is useless in this episode. Poor, poor 3 of them.



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