Go-Busters Mission 31: Space Sheriff Gavan Returns!!!

Not your average Jedi Knights....
Not your average Jedi Knights….

With Vaglass seemingly defeated, our heroes thought they could rest. But suddenly they are alerted to a new enemy which doesn’t involve Vaglass! Furthermore, they encountered a legendary hero, Space Sheriff Gavan! But is Vaglass really defeated?


This episode is essentially meant for two things, first is to promote the new Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie and second, to act as a filler for the Go-Busters while the Vaglass is defeated. Now this is a great and shouldn’t be missed type of filler, because it’s a friggin’ crossover! Before I went on to the episode, I should tell you that this crossover takes place in the Go-Busters universe, and not the Gokaiger universe where they did a crossover with Gavan last January. So basically this crossover is most likely non-canon within its own film. It’s just my theory, and go ahead, blame Decade. Hishh.

Now for the actual episode, the Busters are alerted to an attack that doesn’t involve any Enetron, which means the enemy is not a Vaglass. I’ve noticed that now the Go-Busters aren’t really your precious Enetron bodyguard anymore, which is great because they are superheroes, not some energy bodyguards. Maybe that’s because Vaglass is defeated and they don’t want to be useless. Also for the first time since Mission 1, the Go-Busters finally called themselves Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, and I mean their full name!!!


After saving Shelly from the Rhino Doubler, a Makuu Syndicate member, Shelly tells them that she’s separated with Gavan, and that she should find Gavan. While we know that Shelly is not a bad guy, but the fact that the Go-Busters are quick to trust her bothered me, because what if there’s an enemy pretending to be their friend and attacks them from inside? Well I’m pretty sure that won’t happen though.

Yoko are tasked to protect Shelly while she finds Gavan, and while the males tracks Rhino Doubler. During the scene when Shelly treats Yoko into desserts, I loved that she tried to pay using a diamond and asked to send the receipt to her superiors. It reminds me of the first time the Gokaiger went to Earth, and the fact that how a foreigner from another planet works with Earth’s surroundings.

However, Rhino Doubler appears and sucks them into the Makuu Dimension. Yoko and Shelly landed in an amusment park. I find the scene in Makuu Dimension is pretty silly, especially when the girls waved at the mascots. I mean if Shelly knows that this is Makuu Dimension, she should expect that the place is no good! But the scene where the mascots chased them is really funny, particularly when a costumed bear chased them, it reminds me of Pedobear chasing the girls!


As things get worse, A MetaRoid suddenly appears and Ryuji fights him, only for both to be sucked into the Makuu Dimension as well! The MetaRoid is DanganRoid 2, a MetaRoid that’s a favorite of mine which debuted in Mission 10. However this DanganRoid is less badass from its previous version, because the former is dark and relentless. Anyways the appearance of MetaRoid suggested that Vaglass is not yet defeated.

Back to the girls, the scene in the science lab is somewhat creepy to me, especially when the dummy of the human anatomy smiled at them. Suddenly Ryuji and DanganRoid arrived to Yoko, and the 2 Busters are forced to fight DanganRoid.

Meanwhile, Hiromu encountered Geki Jumonji (I was going to say Jumanji LOL), the aforementioned Space Sheriff Gavan. Although Gavan attacked Nick because he thinks that Nick abducted Shelly, he was forced to fight Buglars that came to attack Hiromu. Regardless, Hiromu and Geki decided to fight together.


First impressions of the new Gavan, he is a cocky and over-confident type of guy. But I’m glad that he’s not arrogant, like way, WAY arrogant. Maybe he’s cocky because he is the current legendary hero. Heck, if I were to inherit the title of a legendary hero, I would also be cocky! And I just loved his fighting style, it reminds me of those Showa era heroes. And when he transformed into Gavan, he wouldn’t hesitate to use every of Gavan’s known moves. Because this Gavan is a Type-G, it is slightly different than the original Gavan, having blue lights instead of yellow. I liked the blue ones better, giving the impression that this Gavan is new, even though the suit is outdated for something new. Heck, the suit is still badass! I really love the chrome on it!

Like I said, this Gavan is not arrogant. Proof that he’s willing to take RedBuster into the Makuu Dimension via their bikes. Now I find that Cyberian is really, really weird. I know that it’s a bike and a sidecar that’s meant to look different because it’s not from our planet, but it’s just weird. And the scene where they plunge into the Makuu Dimension is stupid, because when did Nick’s bike mode learn to fly?

Regardless, the duo arrived in the Makuu Dimension and fights DanganRoid. I find it weird that only DanganRoid’s strength is tripled when he arrived at Makku Dimension. I mean why don’t they power up the heroes too? Then again, that wouldn’t make any difference, silly me hahah!! Maybe those who has evil souls would tripled their strength.


The way of finishing DanganRoid is pretty epic. Yeah it’s a double slash, but the way that they executed it, Gavan’s Laser Blade emitting blue light and RedBuster’s SouganBlade emitting green light really reminds me of Star Wars. It’s like the Jedi Knights are finishing the enemy, but with Tokusatsu style. And as for Bug Duo, they only defeated the MegaZord, nothing special. Kinda disappointed that they were just supporting this time.

Because Rhino Doubler is still on the loose, Gavan decides to stay for a while and asks for the Go-Busters to help him. See? He’s not arrogant, I like this guy! And now, the Go-Busters finally have a 6th member!!! YEAYY!!! While they were relaxing after a long day, somewhere  a guy is checking Rhino Doubler’s data. It appears that this person is Enter, and he’s the mastermind behind the MetaRoid attack!! I’m really glad that Enter’s back, but now he retained his new hairstyle, to show that he’s darker now. In any case, the Vaglass threat is far from over. Well at least they’re halfway over. LOL.


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