Go-Busters Mission 30: The Rise and Fall of Messiah

Messiah Cell, 1999-2012
Messiah Cell, 1999-2012

In this 2nd part of our ‘finale’ the Go-Busters finally faced Messiah for the first time, and found out the truth behind their parents! Will they also reveal the truth about Masato, the BeetBuster?


The first fight with Messiah is pretty typical for the heroes getting beaten up. But the revived MetaRoid is kinda pointless to me, since they were destroyed rather quickly, and the Busters barely had a hard time fighting him. I know this is meant to show that Messiah is strong and gives the Busters a hard time, but if they removed the MetaRoids and just show Messiah beating the crap out of all the Go-Busters, then you would have pretty much a same situation.

For someone named Messiah, I know that he has the ability to repair any damage given, and the Go-Busters are forced to hide from this felon. But when Messiah cornered them, BeetBuster used his BC-04 to ram Messiah!!! This is probably the first time that I’ve seen someone took the liberty of using a Zord to attack enemies!!!


Because of the backup provided by BeetBuster, the Core Busters went to take refuge in the very same room where they were hiding from Vaglass 13 years ago. From this point Enter and Escape’s origins is also revealed. They are actually a composite avatars that was created from the data of the scientists, not just one person. This is evidenced by Hiromu’s mother’s Gog and Magog statue, and french writing on the pictures.

Now I find that Enter and Escape suffered the same case with Eiji from Kamen Rider OOO, where their past is a mystery and the writer is too lazy to explain and they just throw something simple and call it a day. I would actually love to see if Enter and Escape is actually a scientists at the EMC, and turned evil or something.


After the Core Busters went to the main chamber, they were finally reunited with their parents, although their parents seems to be a projection, and their physical body is not there. Chief Sakurada tells them that the core itself is Messiah’s true form, as the Messiah Cell is only an ‘avatar’. Messiah’s plans is also revealed, he is a virus that will infect on artifical objects, and if he’s escaped to the real world, then the whole planet could simply be affected and Messiah could be the planet! Whoa, that was a very neat, neat idea there. Good job.

Eventually Enter arrived and said that if they shut down Messiah, their parents would be shut down too, since they were turned into data during the teleportation process and were bonded with Messiah. This is the truth that Masato is afraid to tell them.


When Messiah Cell arrived, I liked how he agreed on Enter’s suggestion to fight outside, because Messiah is usually hot-tempered and I thought that now he had a body he would become more arrogant to the point he’ll just berserk around! But no, it seems that he respects his comrades. Maybe that’s because he owed Enter because the latter is the one that make him evolve.

Outside the base, Hiromu and Yoko are heartbroken about the revelations, and Ryuji tells them they don’t need to shut down Messiah. But Hiromu refused, saying that he will shut down Messiah if he wants to go back. He knows that they are going to part with their families forever, but it’s their family, as well as other scientists plea to them to destroy Messiah.


The revelations didn’t make the Core Busters weaker, but it actually makes them stronger and more committed to destroy Messiah. Even BeetBuster who was fighting Escape claimed that Hiromu is so strong now that he doesn’t need BeetBuster anymore.

Even though they can hold Messiah, they can’t shut him down unless the core is shut down first. RedBuster takes Ace, only to encounter MegaZord Epsilon, Enter’s personal MegaZord. As for the other 4 Busters, it’s amazing to see Escape and Messiah worked together to defeat them, kinda looks like a supervillain father and daughter beating the crap out of the heroes.


As for Ace VS Epsilon, I’ve noticed that the fight is probably the first MegaZord fight, in the history of Sentai, to be filmed in a place that’s not the usual place to film giant robot battles! If you look closely, the background is seen several times in Tokusatsu, and it is actually a stage from Kamen Rider Climax Heroes!! It’s just truly amazing that they filmed on a normal set, to make the ruined center looks bigger.

As for the fight itself, we can see that Enter really, really wanted to destroy RedBuster at all cost. I just loved that. But RedBuster retaliates by executing Resolution Slash. Now, I don’t know if the attack’s a stronger version of Ace’s usual finisher, or that Hiromu finally took the liberty to name it for epicness sake. But I’m glad that Ace finally had a named finisher. Also when Epsilon exploded, I admit at the time when I first watched this episode in September, it’s really sad to see Enter died, because he’s one of the things that I like about Go-Busters, only behind J.Stag. However, we know that’s not the last time we see Enter.


Now for finishing Messiah, I’m a little disappointed. Granted that Messiah’s true form is destroyed, rendering Messiah Cell to be greatly vulnerable, but I just don’t like it that they just slashed him and kaboom. With Escape running away, the Go-Busters wait for Hiromu to arrive. When RedBuster escapes the exploding core, I loved that he switched into every mode of Ace, from Ace to Vehicle Mode to Animal Mode.

With all that, the Go-Busters went into Masato’s hangar to teleport back. As for Masato, it’s clear now that he’s the only survivor of the incident, not including the Core Busters and the BuddyRoids. Even his body. I’m actually half-surprised that the real Masato is still the same Masato, he doesn’t age at all!! I have two factors, or theories behind this. First, either they were too lazy to find out an older actor, or second, which is more realistic, Masato’s body also turned into data because of the teleportation, but somehow he managed to keep it intact by making himself a sleeping beauty. Now we know that the Bug Duo’s next role is to figure out how they will bring back Masato’s body to the surface.


When they come back, all of the EMC staff are waiting for them, and enjoyed to see them alive and succeeded in the mission. Nakamura’s usual countdown for the teleportation sounded happy, and probably the only time she enjoyed doing that. Nevertheless, the Go-Busters can relax, now that Messiah is gone…………………. for now.

Overall, a really nice mid-season ending. They just revealed so much here and it’s really entertaining. And the actors give their best, with Yoko’s crying when they learned the truth about their family wins me over. If Go-Busters was adapted to Power Rangers, and because PR is so stupid now that they split into two seasons for each season, this would be the finale for the first season of Go-Busters adaptation. But honestly I hope Saban didn’t split all series into two seaons goddammit!!


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