Go-Busters Mission 29: It’s Time For Hyperspace

Now..... KISS! :P
Now….. KISS! 😛

In this first part of our ‘finale’, the Busters finally makes their move to shutdown Messiah. However, Enter and Escape won’t let them through so easily!

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_00.17_[2012.09.14_00.45.21]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_01.50_[2012.09.14_00.48.03]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_03.43_[2012.09.14_00.50.32]

The episode opens with Hiromu daydreaming about his upcoming battles with Messiah, as he’s not been able to calm down lately since the revelation of Escape might be related to his mother. As of now, he thinks that Escape’s is his mother’s avatar, or rather an avatar based on his mother.

Suddenly Kuro-rin called them, saying that Hiromu’s father is contacting them. It is revealed that Hiromu’s father and the other trapped people is the creators that Enter frequently contacted, meaning that they were forced to work with Messiah. Masato also revealed that he did in fact contacted Hiromu’s dad, although they weren’t able to see each other directly. Also the real reason why Masato went to the surface is actually to bring the Go-Busters into the Hyperspace, not just help them defeat Vaglass.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_04.33_[2012.09.14_00.52.07]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2012.09.14_01.00.40]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_10.08_[2012.09.14_23.06.24]

With Kuro-rin’s approval, the Busters prepare for the Hyperspace, as Hiromu’s dad were able to create a portal leading them to the Hyperspace. While they were memorizing the map of the EMC to find Messiah’s place, J.Stag packs his Enetron supply, thinking that this was a picnic. What’s more hilarious is that he didn’t want to give the Enetron cans to the others, only for himself! LOL J.Stag.

However, Enter and Escape found out their plans, and also prepare to stop them. I find it cool to have them suit up their battle gears, it’s like they were really going to war. And Enter has a new hairstyle, neat.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_10.25_[2012.09.14_23.07.13]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_11.07_[2012.09.14_23.08.57]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_11.20_[2012.09.14_23.09.44]

The battle with Enter and Escape is very interesting, with Escape’s rivalry with BlueBuster continues. I still find that rivalry is weird though. But this time we didn’t really get to see BlueBuster VS Escape, as BlueBuster was helped by BeetBuster. I think they might save that for later.

As for Enter, he decides to fight RedBuster, and takes him afar to personally deal with him. It’s amazing on how Enter used a sword this time, making this really looks like the first part of a final battle, and the fact that Enter is serious this time. And he wasn’t joking on that, he severely beat up Hiromu when the latter tried to get away because the teleportation process is starting.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_13.23_[2012.09.14_23.15.35]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_14.05_[2012.09.14_23.17.12]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_16.19_[2012.09.14_23.25.16]

When RedBuster’s suit was damaged by Enter’s tenta- err, I mean wires, you can see some circuitry details on the damaged suit. It was a neat idea to throw in that stuff, and gives us more impressions that the fact that the suit is technical and cybernetic, and is covered by leather.

However RedBuster was badly damaged to fight Enter, even though he fights him regardless. It is then, in a surprise moment, Nick appears, using his guns to shoot Enter!!! This is the very first time, after we’ve seen his first scans before the episode 1 aired, that Nick used his weapon! I’m totally glad that they finally pulled this off, although it really kept us waiting to the point where we ignored it!

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_16.25_[2012.09.14_23.26.11]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_17.51_[2012.09.14_23.30.27]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_19.29_[2012.09.14_23.36.58]

Even though all of the Go-Busters are in the Great Go-Buster now, Escape has entered the EMC, and prepares to stop them from teleporting. However all of the EMC crews, the workers, Nakamura, Morishita and Kuro-rin appeared and holds them off, even though their shooting is very amateur, as Escape said. Well, it’s obvious they were buying time so that the Go-Busters can teleport. But this moment is great to see that all of the EMC are dedicated to make sure that their final battle will go without any delay.

Even when Enter appeared, Kuro-rin managed to hold him off, and the Go-Busters are finally teleported to the Hyperspace. Angered, Enter and Escape takes their leave, as they need to continue their mission in the Hyperspace. With the Go-Busters already taken off, the EMC are only able to hope that they win.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_21.19_[2012.09.14_23.40.47]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_21.36_[2012.09.14_23.41.25]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_29_[BADB477C].mkv_snapshot_22.17_[2012.09.14_23.42.47]

At the Hyperspace, the Go-Busters are ‘welcomed’ by all of the Vaglass MegaZords, although this is the “Plat Form” version, since no MetaRoid is created during this episode. The MegaZord fight is short as usual, although it’s really cool to see Great Go-Buster finishes ALL of the MegaZords in one hit, even Delta. Maybe the MegaZords need to have a Metavirus in order to be strong?

The Go-Busters activate the override system that they used in Mission 27which this time I’ve noticed that they upgraded it to the point that it can be used for an unlimited amount of time. Wow so fast. Well blame the plot. As they ventured into the ruins, Messiah’s completed body finally appeared in front of them, and now the Go-Busters have finally encountered their arch-nemesis for the first time……..

Overall, this episode is dark, but it’s really good how they build it up like how the penultimate episode usually did. Out of all, Nick’s shooting scene is the best scene in my opinion, simply because we’ve wanted to see it for SO long.


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