Kamen Rider Wizard 09: Dragon Strikes Back

This reminds me of Sora's Valor Form.
This reminds me of Sora’s Valor Form.

After getting himself overwhelmed by Phoenix, Wizard struggles to protect the kid from falling into despair. Also, it appears that the new Wizard Ring seems to be connected to Dragon, Haruto’s inner Phantom. Will Dragon helps Wizard attain the new power? Or will Phoenix’s actions causes the birth of a new Phantom?

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_05.49_[2012.11.04_22.08.45]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_07.28_[2012.11.04_22.13.02]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_08.38_[2012.11.04_22.15.14]

This episode mostly focuses on the drama that’s faced by Haruto and Mikiko. For Mikiko, after his mother has been put into hospital, Phoenix attacks his father, causing him to be put into the hospital too. All this is to make Mikiko fall into despair. I love the scene where Phoenix kicks the car, it was so cool that the stunt looks dangerous, although I’m pretty sure there were made with the help of camera tricks.

Haruto realizes that Mikiko will fall into despair if his parents are killed, and knew that Phoenix will stop at nothing to do it. However as Haruto were resting at the hospital, Phoenix attacks Mikiko, and kill his parents, thus making Mikiko fell into despair and starts to turn into a Phantom…………….. until it was revealed that it’s actually Haruto’s dream.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_10.51_[2012.11.04_22.25.23]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_13.00_[2012.11.04_22.31.14]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_17.08_[2012.11.04_22.39.47]

As for the Haruto’s drama, this is the first time we see that Haruto is scarred. He’s scarred because he can’t defeat Phoenix, and after that Phoenix will kill Mikiko’s parents, something that he can’t stand. It seems that Haruto was about to lose his hope until Koyomi came and give her a new Wizard Ring that’s similar to the Flame Ring.

Haruto regains his hope and went to fight Phoenix, even though he will lose, he’s still going to make it. Now I see that there’s a lesson behind this part. If you’re facing something that you know you’re going to lose or getting disappointed, the meaning of losing only applies when you lose hope, even if you’re facing it. This means that you not only have to face it, but you also have hope and courage, so that all will be well, and even if you lose, you won’t regret it.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_17.46_[2012.11.04_22.41.04]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_17.51_[2012.11.04_22.41.16]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_18.02_[2012.11.04_22.41.34]

Now for the fight with Phoenix, this time he prefers to use his bare hands to beat Wizard. This is probably because he’s aware that Wizard is at his limits, judging by their fight earlier when Wizard used Hurrican Style to escape. Wizard tried to use the new Ring, hoping to draw out WizarDragon’s power, but the driver says “ERROR”. He tried again and again, only to get the same result. Then suddenly, Haruto is summoned to his own Underworld.

His Underworld is the scene where Haruto loses his family, which WizarDragon describes to be Haruto’s most despairing moment. But Haruto assures that the moment is also where he gained hope, the very same hope that prevents him from being turned into a Phantom.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_18.16_[2012.11.04_22.43.08]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_18.20_[2012.11.04_22.43.33]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_19.08_[2012.11.04_22.45.07]

As for the WizarDragon, I honestly didn’t expect that he’d be this hostile to Haruto. I knew he was hostile, but I thought the hostility is that of an animal. But here, it appears that WizarDragon is not a good character, but rather an evil being that resides in Haruto, much like the Kyubi from Naruto. Wait, Naruto and Haruto. Both are similar. Just realized that.

Funny thing is that I loved how WizarDragon talks pretty much like the animals that can talk, i.e. Eragon, it’s just that it’s funny. And you should really pay attention when he smirks and laughs! He warns Haruto that if he uses Dragon power, he will get closer to despair, which I think this could be a plot point where Haruto will suffer and become a new Phantom. If this is true (which at the time of writing, I’m not sure if it will happen or not), then thank you for recycling the plot Toei.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_20.29_[2012.11.04_22.48.33]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_20.51_[2012.11.04_22.49.27]  [Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 09 [997428DA].mkv_snapshot_21.00_[2012.11.04_22.49.45]

Regardless, Wizard manages to get the ring to work, because WizarDragon allows him to. This cause his to upgrade into Flame Dragon form. First impressions on the Flame Dragon, the form is really beautiful because of the inverted color scheme. Although I wished that the red is metallic, I just don’t like the plain glossy red that they used on the suit. Also Kamen Rider Gandalf appears, watching them from far. Now it’s confirmed that he’s the show’s Shroud.

Flame Dragon’s first fight is a little different than Wizard’s usual fighting style, but it’s still AWESOME regardless. The ability to use Ability Rings on the WizarSwordGun is something new, and adds up the awesomeness of the weapon. The finisher is very unique, with WizarDragon’s head appears at his chest and shoots a death breath to Phoenix, completely incinerate him. Although, it appears that he survived the attack, something that I expected since he’s a main cast member, it would be stupid to have him killed very early in the series.

Overall, this debuts the new form. Why the hell you should say no to this. No to not watching the episode. Just watch it. Also, I liked the “It’s Just the Beginning” song, which is a rare, since I hate Kamen Rider Girls ever since they ruined “Let’s Go Rider Kick”.

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