Go-Busters Mission 25: Sexy Rivalry

Whoa BlueBuster, careful where you touch her! :P
Whoa BlueBuster, careful where you touch her! 😛

WE GET ANOTHER RYUJI FOCUS EPISODE. This time it’s not about his weakness, but rather about him being worried at Masato, whose avatar’s conditions are keeping a secret from the EMC. Also, Escape continues her mission to make the humans suffer……

  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_04.09_[2012.08.18_21.30.55]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_05.33_[2012.08.18_21.33.34]

It’s midnight and Obon (where they did something that honors their ancestor’s spirit or something like that, just google it), and Masato gets to tell ghost stories (YAYY~)! His story is so ‘scary’ that it freaks the hell out of the BuddyRoids and the girls.

As for Ryuji and Commander Kuroki who didn’t participate in the storytelling, they were discussing about Masato’s secret in the Hyperspace. Ryuji’s main concern is that why he used his appearance based on 13 years ago.

The next day, Escape creates CandleRoid, whose ability is to cause nightmares to his victims if they looked at his fire. As for the first fight, he pwned the Core Busters into entering their own nightmares: Hiromu is obviously a chicken, albeit bigger, Ryuji’s a zombie apocalypse, and Yoko is the one from The Ring. It’s funny that Ryuji dreamed about zombies, because we didn’t really know what he fears.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_06.09_[2012.08.18_21.34.18]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_06.36_[2012.08.18_21.35.14]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_08.08_[2012.08.18_21.38.21]

When the Bug Duo interfered, they managed to defeat CandleRoid because J.Stag blocking Masato from getting hypnotized and J.Stag is a machine, so he can’t be hypnotized. I really laughed when Masato asks J.Stag to cover him, because usually as a running gag he would knock his head off for blocking Masato. I hope there will be more cases where Masato would ask for J.Stag to cover him again. It’s just fun to watch.

As CandleRoid retreats, the Busters discuss that CandleRoid is apparently deadly, because his nightmare ability can also cause damage for the victims, evidenced by the zombie bite on Ryuji. Masato said that the nightmares are caused by the victims themselves, that they think of something. Ryuji marks that he dreamed about zombies because we saw a zombie movie a few days ago (He was probably watching The Walking Dead, teehee). He also marks that these phenomenon is similar to Masato’s condition, and decides to finally asks him about it.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_09.34_[2012.08.18_21.41.51]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_11.41_[2012.08.18_21.46.51]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_15.48_[2012.08.18_22.11.49]

The talk between Ryuji and Masato is good. You can see that Masato is obviously hiding something and doesn’t even want to talk about, even blaming Ryuji for changing the topic. Ryuji’s theories about Masato is that his actual self is actually the same as 13 years ago, which causes a foreshadowing to the future. Masato scolds him for overthinking something that’s not important, which causes Ryuji not to give 100% in his fight.

When CandleRoid returns, the Go-Busters (less Hiromu because he’s still freezing)are dispatched again, but this time Escape interfered to help CandleRoid. The Bug Duo volunteered to fight her, but BlueBuster went ahead to fight her. Their fight at first is simple, with Escape avoiding Ryuji’s attacks and all that. But when he got an opening, Ryuji did something really stupid, which is ask someone like Escape a question. This is what Masato meant by Ryuji’s problem, he focused more on answers rather than fight. Basically it’s not always good to look for answers, sometimes you have to fight first then look for the answers later.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_16.03_[2012.08.18_22.12.29]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_17.40_[2012.08.18_22.16.34]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_18.10_[2012.08.18_22.18.12]

Because of this, Ryuji learned from his mistakes and decides to impress Escape by unleashing the evil Ryuji via overheating. I’m really surprised that he would use that method to fight Escape, probably because he’s pissed that Escape mocks that he’s a joke when it come to fighting. Now their fight is really AWESOME, because BlueBuster really looks like he wanted to kill Escape no matter what. The ensuing fight causes one of Escape’s gun to be damaged, and thus a rivalry between them is born. I find it neat to have Ryuji rivaling Escape, because the Bug Duo or Yoko would fit the role better. Whatever.

Now for the fight with CandleRoid, I’m glad and pissed to see the Beet & StagDriBlade Attack. Glad because they’re back and pissed because they used it to put out the flames on CandleRoid, not to finish him! It’s just stupid you know! And for the MegaZord fight, there’s nothing special about it, except that Buster Heracles uses its arm stretching ability to put out the flames on the Enetron tank. That’s all.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_19.11_[2012.08.18_22.20.43]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_19.56_[2012.08.18_22.22.22]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_25_[FB45B58C].mkv_snapshot_20.45_[2012.08.18_22.24.13]

After all that fuss, Hiromu said to Ryuji that maybe Masato uses that form is because his form is unstable in the Hyperspace, and that maybe their parents is also unstable in there. This creates another foreshadowing. Whatever it is, the ugly truth waits for the Go-Busters when they enter the Hyperspace one day.

Overall, it’s a so-so episode, mostly because it’s another Ryuji focus episode. Granted that I like that they did an episode focus on someone that’s not Red or additional Ranger, but they seem to be overdoing it. But this episode did something amazing that they have triggered lots of speculations about the future, which will come in the near episodes. Watch it because it will leave you some foreshadowings.


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