Go-Busters Mission 24: Summer Festival!!!

Come at me, bro!!
Come at me, bro!!

In this episode, Hiromu becomes a part of a summer festival and his life prior into becoming RedBuster is revealed. To make matters worse, as they usually did, Enter plans to ruin the festival! But obviously that’s not going to happen since Hiromu’s there.


The episode starts with Ryuji and Yoko guessing what Hiromu did when he goes out, given the fact he is the only Buster who has a personal life and he doesn’t really talk much about himself. I love the scene where they go to the movies and Nick holding an Enetron can. It’s minor but I love it since he’s a BuddyRoid and it would be stupid if he drinks normal drink. And it went stupid, since he asked Hiromu for the popcorn.

About Hiromu’s school life, I found that they were referencing a lot of Fourze here, which is interesting given the fact that during the episode’s original airing Fourze was close to its end. Anyways the Fourze references is that Hiromu is a loner but smart, pretty much like Kengo Utahoshi. And his teacher urges him to make friends, pretty much like Gentaro. I wasn’t that surprise when  they revealed that Hiromu is a loner, because he was always like that.

Also about Hiromu being a juggler really interests me. I think Hiromu’s actor is good at juggling, and the staff takes advantage of this into making Hiromu good at juggling. And as we already know, Go-Busters is a public Rangers, meaning that people know who they are. But I’m sursprised that Hiromu’s teacher doesn’t even know who the Go-Busters is, in fact she didn’t even know that Ryuji and Yoko are part of the EMC! It’s just really weird, considering that the Go-Busters are widely known.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_07.54_[2012.08.11_10.29.15]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_11.12_[2012.08.11_10.38.38]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_12.09_[2012.08.11_10.40.53]

As for the Vaglass, Enter thinks about what Escape said in the previous episode, and creates WataameRoid, a MetaRoid that can create cotton candies. Really neat idea. Well it appears that he can steal Enetron by turning them into cotton candies, something that J.Stag loves because it’s a cotton candy with an Enetron flavor.

After the fight with WataameRoid, the Busters learn that he planned to attack every summer festival, and the ones that Hiromu are performing is one of it. The Go-Busters are considering to cancel the summer festival, but Hiromu doesn’t agree. Yoko states that Hiromu is unusual this time, because he is always the first who would cancel things. This is a great nod to Mission 14, where Hiromu cancels their day off because of a MetaRoid attack. Glad that they still remember something that’s happened before, because usually series that are written by Kobayashi tends to ditch minor but important things.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_14.46_[2012.08.11_10.55.52]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_16.15_[2012.08.11_10.59.05]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_17.30_[2012.08.11_11.02.17]

As for Hiromu’s summer festival, Hiromu didn’t want to cancel it because this would be the last time his teacher would be a part of it, since she’s going overseas to promote Japanese street performance. With that, the Go-Busters hatches a plan: To lure the MetaRoid and take it to somewhere far, at least 3 kilometers away because of the MegaZord transport system. Still happy that they didn’t forget about that whole 3 kilometers thing.

Anyways Hiromu managed to lure WataameRoid, but the WataameZord had just arrived, and its location is near the summer festival! Although the Bug Duo interfered, Hiromu went into Ace to quickly destroy it, but not before saving his teacher who went to get something. It turns out that ‘something’ is a photo of Hiromu’s club, and she plan to give it as a farewell present. After Hiromu gets her to safety, she knew that RedBuster is in fact Hiromu.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_17.51_[2012.08.11_11.03.09]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_18.21_[2012.08.11_11.05.34]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_19.05_[2012.08.11_11.08.04]

Now the climax is really good. While Ace and Beet handles WataameZord, Ryuji and Yoko handle WataameRoid. Apparently WataameRoid can create cotton candy from energy blasts too. Because of finishing a MetaRoid the normal way is too mainstream, Ryuji did gives a showy finisher where Yoko shoots the finisher towards him he he used the SouganBlade to create a cotton candy and slashes WataameRid! Very, very neat finisher.

Now for the Zord fights, it’s really good that they tried to do something new, which is Ace riding on top of SJ-05 while Beet launches it to give it a boost. Truly makes the scene interesting.

[Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_20.03_[2012.08.11_11.10.03]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_20.57_[2012.08.11_11.13.00]  [Over-Time]_Spec-Ops_Cell_Go-Busters_-_24_[F1442E58].mkv_snapshot_20.59_[2012.08.11_11.13.12]

With that, the day is saved once again and the summer festival can be done without any problem. Hiromu’s teacher marks that Hiromu finally did what he wants, and is proud of him.

Overall, a really nice episode. This episode isn’t bad at all but it’s a filler episode, and it doesn’t even affect the main storyline. Although it gives us details about Hiromu’s school life, but that’s the only thing that’s important. Anyways watch it if you want, but if you don’t like fillers, I would still watch it, but it’s okay to skip it.


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