Kamen Rider Wizard 06: Love the Way You Lie

Wait. Den-O's sister is a con-artist now?!
Wait. Den-O’s sister is a con-artist now?!

In this episode, Wajima, Shunpei, and the donut shop worker suddenly fell in love, at the same time! Also, it appears that the Gate this time is the very woman who makes the three fell in love with her! But why did she make them all fell in love with her?


The episode starts when Haruto is buying his usual plain sugar at Hungry Donuts,until he realizes that the Worker suddenly acts strange. By strange I mean he is so happy, and Manager tells Haruto that he met a girl who sells ‘power stones’ and he bought them all just because he fell in love with her. At the same time, Shunpei also bought language learning CD’s, claiming that he buy it because he fell in love with the woman who sell it. Then Wajima came, and said that he’s going to a date, and plan to give a Wizard Ring to her as a present. Now this is why love drunk is not always good, as for Wajima’s case, he plans to give something that is powerful to someone that he just met!

After learning these 3 stories, the viewers can quickly conduct that the women they fell in love with is the very same woman. But who is she? Turns out that she’s Airi Nogami, Den-O’s older sister and Zeronos’s fiancee!!! Kidding. She is Manami, a con artist who use her attractiveness to lure her victims into buying the stuff that she sells. And she also happened to be portrayed by Wakana Matsumoto, the girl who played Airi, hence why I keep making that reference for those that doesn’t know.



Meanwhile, the Chief Phantoms encountered Gnome, who is a sommelier. I find it funny that the Phantom’s human form is a high-class looking guy, but the design looks like a dumbass monster. I mean, come on, gnomes, you know that they are weak right? But because he is a mannered guy, this Gnome looks like he is a force to be reckoned with.

Which brings us to Yamagata, Manami’s latest target. I find that everytime the camera focuses on Manami,the color changes into a brighter tone, to signify Manami’s beauty. Gnome arrives to attack them, as one of them is the the newest Gate. However Haruto happened to arrive at the scene, after hearing from the people that there’s monster around. During that scene I laughed so hard at Haruto’s reaction upon his crushed doughnut. It’s like Ankh when he didn’t get his ice!

Anyways the fight with Gnome is pretty unique, because Gnome is such a chicken that he tends to ran away from Wizard when there’s a chance. One particular scene where Hurricane Style shoots Gnome at a fountain, I love that they use the explosions one water to make it realistic, although if you really want realism then you’d be disappointed of Haruto’s aiming.


Gnome managed to escape by burying underground, and Haruto decides to call Rinko to help protect Manami and Yamagata, because they weren’t sure who’s the Gate. Because of Rinko’s arrival, Manami makes an excuse to leave because she’s a con artist, and even attracts Haruto to walk with her. Actually I didn’t expect that Haruto would also fall for her, given Haruto’s personality who seems to have no interest in that such of relationship! But the fact that Haruto fell for her also reminds me of OOO where Eiji also falls in love with a woman, but at least it’s watered down for this one.

Back to the Phantoms, Phoenix berates Gnome for being too chicken. Gnome tells them that his job is to simply cause the birth to a new Phantom, and not to fight Wizard. So maybe this Gnome isn’t a chicken after all. Or he is. I don’t know dammit! But because of his sense of smell, we learn that Manami is the Gate.

As for Manami, she ran away from Haruto only to magically change her clothes and encountered Shunpei, and then Wajima, and then the Worker, and then Haruto! After hearing that the former three said that they are going to a date with Manami, Haruto realized that she is a con-artist. But to be honest, the way Manami acted looks like she is a desperate swindler, that she had to be one to desperately get money for something. What would that be?


As she ran away from Haruto again, she is captured by Gnome. Knowing that Gnome specializes in underground attacks, Wizard use Land Style and the Drill Ring to catch up with the Phantom. Because the Phantom did not want to fight Wizard, he throws the Ghouls to do the dirty job.

This is when the best part of the entire episode starts, the fight with the Ghouls. Wizard using his backflips to kick the Ghouls is really AWESOME, to the point where his usual style when wielding WizarSwordGun didn’t really impress me. What is more AWESOME is when he uses the WizarSwordGun to finish the enemies. I mean, have you ever seen someone doing acrobatics and backflips while shooting some mofos? Even Koichi Sakamoto didn’t really do that! Also when the rubble falls on Wizard, it’s interesting that he use the Defend Ring in Flame Style to burn the rubble using the firewall.

However, Manami and the Gnome has escaped when Wizard was defending himself. Where did Manami go?

Overall, an okay episode. This is a filler arc, it doesn’t really affect the storyline. There’s nothing wrong with the plot, but I feel that for those who wants to know they important parts should just skip this episode. But if you wanna see a good action and wanted to see Den-O’s sister again, watch it. Moderately recommended.


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