Go-Busters Mission 23: Like Mother, Like Daughter!

She really does resembles her mom!
She really does resembles her mom!

In this episode, Yoko is having her 17th birthday. At the same time, Escape creates a new MetaRoid that is so troublesome that the EMC have to use their prototype armor to handle it! Is this going to spoil Yoko’s birthday? And what’s wrong with Jin?


As noted, there is something wrong with Jin. He told J.Stag to keep it as a secret, whatever it is. We noticed that Jin’s avatar has some problems, which puts a speculation that Jin’s avatar is not really ‘immortal’.

Anyways, the BuddyRoids are singing “Happy Birthday” to Yoko, with terrible results. This is because Usada sings it the normal way, and Nick sings the rock version, as Usada call it, and Gorisaki is actually tone deaf!! Well it looks like every BuddyRoid has their Weakpoint too huh? Nick with his sense of direction, Gorisaki’s tone deaf and J.Stag tends to run out of Enetron that it causes him to act like a drunk man! But what is Usada’s? I don’t think they’re going to answer that, because it’s just a minor thing.

Jin said that he knew Yoko since she was born, because he worked with Yoko’s mom (duhh, obviously). But it turned out that they were comrades in work, because Yoko’s mom is a MegaZord pilot, and Jin is a MegaZord engineer, and it’s only natural that they would work together! But to be real honest, the way Jin talks about Yoko’s mom looks like they are closer than just co-workers. Maybe Jin did harbor some crush on Yoko’s mom?


As for Enter, Messiah tells him that the reason Escape is created because Messiah is not satisfied with Enter, but Enter just said that he’s fine with it because Messiah finally did something without relying completely on Enter. But we know that Enter was just lying, or maybe 70% lying. Anyways, instead of fighting each other to see who’s better to be Messiah’s right-hand man, Escape decides to work together with Enter to gather Enetron more easily.

Which brings us to the creation of JishakuRoid, or rather MagnetRoid. As the name suggest, this guy can use his magnetic powers to produce quills that when hit two objects, the objects will be pulled to each other like a magnet. Also, despite being the MotW, this MetaRoid’s design is unique because it looks like a ninja. That aside, he caused trouble to the civilians, and I happened to noticed that a girl who gets attracted with a vase looks like Hakase from AkibaRanger! Is it really her? I don’t know.


By the time the Go-Busters arrived, they quickly cuts the antenna on the victims, but it failed as the antenna grows back. So now the only way to get everything back to normal is through Vaglass symbol on MagnetRoid’s head. Unfortunately, RedBuster got stuck with Nick, and StagBuster got stuck with BlueBuster! The way these people are stuck reminds me of the Shinkenger/Power Rangers Samurai episode where Blue and Green are stuck together. But instead of having another recycled episode, they used the recycled element to create a different story! Good job! Also, because MagnetRoid is based on a ninja, he retreats by using the usual way ninja did. Looks like this is one heck of a powerful MetaRoid huh?

With only Masato and Yoko remaining, and the fact that Masato can’t transform if J.Stag weren’t around, Commander Kuroki decided that it’s time to use the prototype Protector. But because it’s a prototype, the Busters cannot transform while wearing it. Before the move on with the mission, Masato noticed while Yoko is calming a kid down who lost her mother that Yoko really reminds him of Yoko’s mother.


Moving on, while they have an advantage because they are invulnerable now, Escape trashes into the party, causing the Busters to lose their armor. Masato tells Yoko that he will handle Escape and he can without transforming, because he is the ‘immortal avatar’. It is then revealed what is truly happening with Masato, J.Stag reveals that everytime Jin’s avatar died, it will put a strain to Masato’s body in the Hyperspace. Looks like he is not immortal at all. But Masato refuses to let Yoko do the job alone, because if she gets hurt then Masato will not be able to face Yoko’s mom.

But Yoko tells Masato that she can protect herself, because that’s why she can protect the others. Thus Yoko charged into MagnetRoid, with the Prototype armor being completely destroyed by Escape’s Gog and Magog. But before Escape is able to take Yoko down, she is stopped by Hiromu/Nick and J.Stag/Ryuji. I love how they did it, throwing themselves to stomp her!


Because of the backup she received, Yoko is finally able to damage MagnetRoid’s head, causing the latter to turn bald! With everything back to normal, the five Go-Busters make a quick work to MagnetRoid and make their way to the MegaZord battle.

The MegaZord battle is short, but it is interesting because of Masato’s idea. Apparently the MagnetZord can use its magnetic powers to suck Enetron, but Masato puts a cable on the tank and electrifies it, turning the tank into a magnet, and in turn sucked the stolen Enetron back because the the attracted object will get attracted to the stronger magnet. Then, Go-BusterOh destroys MagnetZord with the Dimension Crash. Even though the fight is short and the finisher is very formulaic, Masato’s plan makes it worth to watch.


With everything back to normal, Masato tells Yoko that she really resembles her mom, both looks and attitude. As he takes his leave, Ryuji and Commander Kuroki are wondering what other secrets that Masato is hiding from them.

Overall, an okay episode. Usually I would skip this kind of episode, but not. Because first, they gives us another foreshadowing on the new arsenal for the Go-Busters. Second, they showed us bits of truths about Masato. This two factors are foreshadows and therefore we can’t skip this episode because they just triggered another plot point which will be revealed in the future.


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