Kamen Rider Wizard 05: More About Koyomi, the Pianist, and the Cat!!!

We got an army of badasses here!!!
We got an army of badasses here!!!

In this episode, we learn more about Koyomi’s past with Haruto, and Cat Sith is still not giving up on making Takagi fall into despair. Because Koyomi messed up Haruto’s opportunity to defeat Cat Sith earlier, she decides to convince Takagi to have hope. Will she succeed? Or will Cat Sith triumphs and go back to sleep?


More about Takagi, we learned that he wanted the Phantom to attack him because he didn’t want to enter the contest, because he is afraid he won’t live up his past as a great pianist. This pisses Koyomi off, as she tells Haruto that protecting Takagi is a waste of time. As Haruto is about to calm her off, he faints, because the usage of magic puts a serious strain on him this time.

While waiting for Haruto to recover, Rinko and Shunpei tries to found out how Koyomi became a magical NEVER. It is then Wajima tells them that Koyomi is a shell of a Phantom, that she is a cast off skin. Put simply, her transformation into a Phantom is unique, because her body remains intact even though she lost all of her memories and life. It is awesome on how they were able to explain Koyomi’s past, perfectly handling it by not giving some BS revelations (ie. Kengo from Fourze). Also they didn’t explain who is Koyomi’s Phantom, something that I hope will be the key to the final arc of the series.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 05 [8A4CF74E].mkv_snapshot_12.43_[2012.10.06_22.17.27]    

Confronting Takagi, Koyomi tells him that he didn’t live in the now, a word she gets from her first meeting with Haruto. It appears that during the first meeting she was hostile to Haruto, but Haruto manages to calm her down by telling her that we need to live in the now so that we can move on. And also, it is revealed that Koyomi is Haruto’s ‘first wife’!! Which explains why she is rather hostile to Rinko and Shunpei, because they took her man from her!

About Haruto’s speech, basically if we wanna move on, we have to forget what we were in the past, be it good or bad, and think about ourselves now, so that moving forward is easier. This is one heck of a good lesson, which makes me wonder how the heck did Haruto came up with this advice.


As for the Phantom gang, because Cat Sith complains about his job too much, Phoenix lent him some Ghouls to aid him in battle. Also, Medusa learned that Koyomi is still alive despite the former’s attack on her. With an army of Ghouls in his command, Cat Sith cannot afford to lose now or he will tentacle raped by Medusa!

The next day, Takagi finally decides to enter the contest, and just when he is about to play, Cat Sith arrived from the outside of the hall. Thankfully Haruto happens to be chillin’, waitin’ for the Phantom to appear. I love how Haruto is when he confronts the Phantom, it’s like “wazzup man?” while eating donuts.


The action scene is really terrific on this one. The choreography continues to be AWESOME as ever, the fact that Takagi’s music is playing in the background really ups the hype on this scene, while showing that Wizard is fighting at the same time Takagi’s playing his piano. But the real gem of the action scene is the debut of Copy Ring. The ring, as the name suggests, allows Wizard to create one copy of him. In order to create more copies, he must use the Copy Ring multiple times and there you go, an army of Wizard.

One thing that I don’t get about this scene is that, how the heck did Wizard was able to summon multiple WizardSwordGun? He didn’t hold it while he was performing the magic, and the fact that the Connect Ring is essentially a portal that connects to another place, which allows Wizard to grab anything that was on that place, there’s some confusion going on around here. Oh well, forget it. Really, just forget it.


Wizard changes into Hurricane Style to deal with Cat Sith, and gives the latter a hard time to fight back. Eventually, Wizard use the Hurricane Slash Strike to finish him off. I really like the Hurricane Slash Strike, because first Wizard traps the enemy using a tornado created from the blade, then throws a spinning cyclone to strike the enemy. Really cool finisher, especially after we didn’t get so many cool slashes lately (the last time the slash was cool, in my opinion, is OOO Bash by Kamen Rider OOO). Also, since Takagi didn’t fell into despair, this is the first arc that there is no usage of the proposing ring and Dragon Phantom. It is to be expected, since they need to save budget.

After that, it appears that Takagi didn’t win the contest, but because of Koyomi’s speech, he is now a more positive guy and plans to study overseas. As for Koyomi, she finally accepts Rinko and Shunpei, and treats them donuts.

Overall, a very fantastic episode. Not only we get to learn more of Koyomi’s past, but we learned a great lesson and get ourselves satisfied with the actions scenes. Hopefully they didn’t handle Koyomi like they handled Kengo, who by the last 3 episodes we finally learn what he is. I hope she is handled like Ankh, the fact that Ankh is a major focus on the last 8 episodes or something. Also, I hope that Shunpei and Rinko will not be useless like the rest of the Kamen Rider Club. Anyways, watch this episode. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.


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