Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review

Yeah, it’s very, very late. Actually I had write most of this article in March, but then I saved the draft and thought I wrote so little that I’m deleting it. But then, I realized that I almost finished the article, so I decided to finish it now!

With the 51st episode aired on February 19th, 2012, it’s time to say farewell to one of the most AWESOME Tokusatsu series of all time: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. The series premiered on Japan last year, and had just ended February ago. It was billed as the 35th Sentai series, as well as an anniversary series. Due to the fact that the 30th anniversary movie features a hero who can transform into past Red Rangers, and with the recent airings of Kamen Rider Decade, Gokaiger decided to pull another move, the heroes can transform into each of the 192 Heroes before them.

First off, I will do a quick review of the last two episodes, then a review of the series as a whole. The 50th episode features the team coming into conflict as they were forced to use the Greatest Treasure of the Universe to get rid of Zangyack, at the cost of the existence of Super Sentai teams. The main 5 Gokaiger discovers that the citizens of this planet are refused to give up to Zangyack due to the courage of Super Sentai. However, Gai the 6th Ranger, GokaiSilver, meets Goushi the former Mammoth Ranger from Zyurangers (MMPR for Power Rangers) and gets a dilemma as the past Sentai heroes requested him to use the Treasure. Furthering the dilemma, the 5 Gokaigers who were initially strangers to Earth, had grown to love them! Gai realized that using the treasure would be a coward move, and destroys the treasure. Marvelous then tells him that he is now a true pirate. The next day, as the Zangyack prepare to enslave the humans, the Gokaigers show up to destroy them! After defeating some DoGormins, the Rangers pursue Dairandoh as the final battle begins…….

REVIEW: From the beginning to the end of the episode until the end, it was EPIC. But the most epic scenes is the drama part of the episode. Sure, the are epic Zord battles where they used numerous Greater Powers, and the Zyuranger Gokai Change, but those parts has flaws on it compared to the drama. First off the mecha battle, the Gokaigers uses some old Greater Powers, namely GaoLion, Machalcon, etc. but also introduced new ones like Dynaman and Megaranger! I didn’t expect that Megaranger’s will grant a Mega Winger to GoZyuJin, but it was epic. although the only thing I wish is that they use the Greater Powers of the teams that never got the chance to be included, like JAKQ, Denziman, Turboranger. Moving on to the Gokai Change, since Goushi made an appearance in the episode, the Gokaigers only change into DragonRanger and Armored TyrannoRanger. However that seems to be the only Zyuranger tribute we get. Also, it’s great that Goushi appears, as his appearance marks that at least one member of each Sentai has appeared in the series (including the 199 Movie). It’s really good that Zyuranger is the last ‘tribute’ although that’s the only thing we get. Moving on.

Finale: The finale begins as the team are attacked by the fleet as they are winning. However Navi appears in Free Joker to fight Zangyack. Joe tells Gai to follow Marvelous to the Emperor, while he leads the others in the battle against Dairandoh the “Choi” Guy. The 4 Gokaigers managed to destroy him using Extra Hero Keys and Blue Charge Rising Strike, while Free Joker manages to ram onto the command ship. From then GokaiSilver Gold Mode holds the Emperor while Marvelous hijacks the ships controls to destroy all the other fleets. Then Ackdos takes them to the lower ground as Marvelous and Gai are joined by the others and the final stage began. Changing into Gokaiger and doing some epic helmetless role call, the Gokaigers beat up Ackdos with all 34 Gokai Change. Then Gold Mode unleashes his newest attack: Gokai Shooting Slash with other Gokaigers, before completely destroying Ackdos with Special Charge Showy Wave. Months later, the Gokaigers prepare to depart for the next Treasure, before giving the Ranger Keys to the previous Sentai teams.

REVIEW: Goosebumps. That’s all that I can say. Every moment in this episode, well until the Gokaigers win, gives me extreme goosebumps. Ramming Free Joker, using 34 Gokai Change, what more can you expect? Well actually there is a little bit to be desired, but that’s okay. Now with the Gokaigers having given up the Keys, how will they turn into past Sentai? Or even form Kanzen GokaiOh? I guess that will be answered in the future. Also, I wish that in the last scene Navi gets another prediction which foreshadows the event of Super Hero Taisen, which involve Gokaigers VS Kamen Rider Decade for the 2nd Greatest Treasure in the Universe.

OKAY, now with that settled, let’s move on to the actual review. First off, when it is confirmed that this series was based on Decade, I am happy due to the fact we get another Decade-ish, as well as hoping for better storyline. When Kuuga’s writer (I don’t really remeber his name) is hired to be the main writer, I’m in a bit of relief because Kuuga was one of the best Kamen Rider Series of all time. And he doesn’t even disappoint us! Gokaiger gives you a good taste of anniversary, stand-alone series, as well as character developments.

However, as great as Gokaiger is, there are still some flaws in the series as well. Most of it being the anniversary aspect of the show. As Gokaiger being an anniversary series, most of the episodes are tributes to the past series. However due to there are 35 tributes, they can’t do every tribute in the episodes. So they make some in the 199 Heroes movie. However, one of the biggest flaws is the use of the Greater Power. The only Greater Power that are used frequently is the one that transforms GokaiOh. Granted that this is a 30 minute toy commercial and some episodes do feature an alternate finisher using other Greater Powers, but most of it doesn’t even appear. Like JAKQ or even Battle Fever powers, despite the latter having a tribute episode. Second, some of the tribute doesn’t even feel like a tribute. For instance the 2nd part of Kakuranger tribute (Episode 46) merely feels like a normal, stand-alone episode and doesn’t even feel like a tribute. But the anniversary aspect are not the only flaws we get. The stand-alone episodes are too. For example in episode 24, even though it features a previous monster redeeming himself, it’s just a little pointless. Also, Gai tends to spam his Gold Mode every time that at some pint it really feels that Gold Mode is weak due to he only uses it to destroy some SuGormins in recent episode. However it shows that in the final battle the Gold Mode is indeed very strong due to it is capable to withstand Ackdos’s attacks.

But don’t let the flaws ruin your taste for Gokaiger. These flaws can be forgiven, because Gokaiger has a lot to offer. One of it being the character development. Granted, only Marvelous, Joe and maybe Gai gets a lot of development, but the others also deserved well despite there is only little episodes that focuses on them (except Doc). And we got Basco. If it weren’t for Basco, Gokaiger would have a boring and stupid enemy. But here with Basco, we get to see another conflict as he is a selfish guy whose willing to betray even the closest one for his own good. The character developments and their backgrounds really makes up the series that even the flaws are forgivable.

Let’s see each of the characters and what I like about them, okay? Move on with our first character, the leader himself:

Captain Marvelous/ Gokai Red

Captain Marvelous is the leader of the Gokaigers as Gokai Red. Being the Red Ranger, it’s only natural that he get a lot of focus. What I like about him is despite being a true pirate, he tends to pick up stray dogs. By stray dogs I mean most of his crew has different backgrounds and sometimes you don’t even expect them to be pirates. Due to the previous experience of Basco, Marvelous has a kind heart and is willing to accept anyone and protect anyone, even though he tries to hide it. Then one of the things I liked the most about him is his appetite. Really reminds me of Luffy from One Piece!

Joe Gibken/ Gokai Blue

Joe Gibken is a former Zangyack member who now serves as Gokai Blue. Other than Marvelous, he is one of the characters that receives most backstory. What makes Joe is so cool is that his attitude and swordsmanship. When he talks, it reminds me of Sasuke from Naruto, not to mention his relationship with Marvelous is somewhat like Naruto and Sasuke’s. Somewhat. And he is one of the most skilled members of Gokager, being able to wield 5 swords at once! Also, due to his cool attitude, everytime when there’s something silly happened to him, it make me LOL even more than Doc’s usual jokes did! Example, when Navi ruined his cake for Ninjaman, he sits on the background and cries. Even though that’s just meant to be a background, that part is where I replay the most just to see Joe hilariously cry!

Luka Milify/ Gokai Yellow ❤

Ahh Luka Milify……. everytime the camera focuses on you, be it when you make a derpy face or even a cute face, it will always remind me of heaven…….. funny thing that Gokai Yellow‘s suit is portrayed by a man! Seriously, even though this beauty is a tomboy, she doesn’t really show it. Sure she is aggressive unlike other woman, but her tomboyish attitude really makes up her beauty. Even there are some cases when she shows her feminine side, that would make me NOSEBLEED. Get it? Luka is one of my reasons to watch Gokaiger, and even though she doesn’t really receive too much focus, she is all that I need. LUKAAA!!!!!

Don Doggoier/ Gokai Green

Doc is one of the most famous characters of Gokaiger due to his clumsyness as Gokai Green. Simply imagine Ziggy from Power Rangers RPM and Billy from MMPR fused together, you got Doc! While being intelligent and had no fighting experience, he is the most valuable member of the Gokaigers. Every time when the camera focuses on him during fight scenes, you know that’s the time you’ll laugh hard. And even though some episodes are truly dark, but when it comes to Doc’s clumsyness, it really lightens up the mood in a good way. The most funny thing about him? When he is fighting his clone in episode 48, he doesn’t even realize his been doing his pose for 47 episodes!!!

Ahim de Famille/ Gokai Pink

Ahim is the only member that I have no interest at. But even though she’s just a simple character, what makes her amazing is her cuteness. Especially during the part where she dress up as police/nurse/schoolgirl and all that. Although her cuteness still can’t beat Luka’s beauty in my opinion. As much as she is simple, it is revealed that she is the one who keeps the Gokaigers sane because of her kindness. I still like her, it’s just that she doesn’t have something that special.

Gai Ikari/ Gokai Silver

Gai (not to be confused with Black Condor from Jetman) is the this season’s 6th Ranger. 6th Ranger. What more can you get from 6th Ranger when he is one of the characters that gets too much focus just because he is the 6th Ranger? And what more can you get from the 6th Ranger who is usually AWESOME? Granted, Gai being a Sentai fanboy is annoying, him being Gokai Silver is so awesome that everything wrong about him is forgivable. Being a 6th Ranger, Gai gets a lot of great moments, and when the Gokaigers use the final blow on Ackdos, it would made it seem like Gai is the one who defeats him! Seriously, him being the 6th Ranger, represents the most AWESOME warriors in Sentai, and gets an extremely wierd but AWESOME power (fusing the Ranger Keys). It’s that simple!

Basco ta Jolokia

Basco ta Jolokia: Being the secondary antagonist of the season, he is the only one who gets a backstory. You know what made Basco so popular? It’s that we like him because we hate him. Seriously, he is one of the most evil characters in Tokusatsu that even when flashbacks about him before betraying Marvelous makes us feel that he only hides his true face. He would even betray the closest one just for the Greatest Treasure of the Universe and he doesn’t even value anything that appears to him. Namely the journey or the comrade that he gets along it. To him, they all had to be used in order to obtain the Treasure for his own goodness. That’s what make Basco is so great that if we even found Kei Hosugai (his actor) on the streets, we might end up punching him in the face!

Navi & Sally: Even though they are not related, the reason why I review them at once is because they are sidekicks and thats it. Granted, the serve and important role within the series, but that’s just it.

Zangyack: Like Navi & Sally, I decided to review them all at one because the didn’t had a lot of character development. Even though they are the most cruel empire on the universe, the series didn’t really show them until the 49th episode. Most of the time the are the comic relief, and seemed useless to the fact that Basco is more threatening than them!

Overall: This is an AWESOME anniversary season. It’s not perfect, but it is close enough. Being a fan of Kamen Rider Decade, I’m happy that this is the Decade’s version of Sentai, but it is WAY better than Decade. Like Kamen Rider Decade, Gokaiger is also one of the main first choices for the people who wanted to get into Sentai. This is because they serve the gateway to the other series, only this time handled amazingly, unlike Decade. So people who are getting into Super Sentai, Gokaiger is definitely the best for you. WATCH GOKAIGER!!!!!

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