Go-Busters Mission 22: Escape From Escape!!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng~
Jeng Jeng Jeng~

In this episode, because of Enter disobeying Messiah’s order, the latter sent a new avatar to further complete Messiah’s objectives! This Escape is a lot stronger, meaner and more convicted to Messiah rather than Enter, so automatically this has caused a rivalry between the two avatars!


The episode began with the EMC investigating a what might be a prank call from a kid, so the Go-Busters are dispatched in order to make sure if there’s any Vaglass around.

Fortunately, the building where they were sent were having an event, which is a maze game. This would help their disguise easier. And look at Hiromu, even though he’s a serious guy, but when it comes to disguise he always dressed up as the goofy one! Anyways, a kid named Shota are participating the game with his friends. And the EMC managed to found out that he’s the one who make the prank call.

Unfortunately, Escape happened to create a new MetaRoid in the building, so maybe the prank call isn’t useless at all! Furthermore, I love Escape’s item for creating a MetaRoid. She uses an iPad with a MetaVirus app to create one, showing that she is more advanced and new than Enter who uses a laptop and cards.


The MetaRoid, KeyRoid, has the ability to lock up anything……. literally. Proof that when he shoves his keyblade (I’m gonna get sued for this) to a building, people that are inside are unable to get out. This is when Escape appeared in the building and demands for Go-Busters. After harassing Shota, Hiromu reveals himself as a Go-Buster. But instead of fighting, he pretends to be a weakling and plead for Escape to stop this, disgusting the latter. Hiromu’s actions are good considering that they have limited space to fight, and that it will surely threaten the civilians nearby. However his actions makes the civilians think that the Go-Busters are weak.

Back to KeyRoid, BlueBuster fights him only for the former to get the upper hand as he can also lock weapons, rendering them useless. Thankfully the Bug Duo arrived and damages the keyblade, which allows the civilians to escape from the bulding.


Shota confronts the Go-Busters and asks them why Hiromu acted like a weakling earlier. He said that people will then think the Go-Busters are lame. But Hiromu and Yoko doesn’t care, because they know that it’s not true. Basically, Hiromu gives us a lesson that peoples words doesn’t determine you are, it is you. Thanks for the lesson Hiromu!

And for Shota, he keeps believing that people’s words determine who he is, hence why he made the prank call, so that people will call him awesome for doing such a cool thing. I understand Shota’s point, but Hiromu’s advice is more mature and convincing.


However Escape sent the Buglers to prevent the people from attacking, and just as they were to attack Shota and his friends, Hiromu and Yoko arrived and showed them what they actually are. Shota is amazed at Hiromu and Hiromu tells him that he is addicted to compliments that caused him to lie. Shota said that he didn’t have any amazing talents, but Hiromu assured him that he has a good heart because he rushed to protect his friends when they are in danger.

Basically, Hiromu gives us another lesson. Amazing people isn’t just determined by the people who have talents, but people who has a good heart also has one, and in fact, they are better than the people who have talents. Thank you Hiromu, you are truly a great guy this time!


Now that they’re outside, Escape finally introduces herself, the newest avatar from the Hyperspace. One thing to note that Escape’s weapon is a gun named Gog and Magog, which is related to a creature in end times. Yes I know the creatures, because my religion also said about it. As the Go-Busters morph, Blue and the Bug Duo take out KeyRoid, while Red and Yellow deal with Escape.

The fight with KeyRoid nothing special, but the fight with Escape is the gem of this episode. To me, the coolest part of the fight is that Escape’s actress did some stunts herself! Man, Ayame Misaki is great. Not only she’s sexy, but she’s though too! Also, Enter happened to be watching their fight, and he is upset because Messiah now relies on Escape rather than him. Just wondering…….. could this be that maybe Enter will start to rebel Messiah?


When it is time for the MegaZord to arrive, the EMC found out that the Vaglass now can produce the fake Hyperspace again, which can only mean one thing, it’s time for the Great Go-Buster!!! Great Go-Buster this time is the same as Go-BusterOh, which is having a limited amount of screen time. Because KeyZord can lock things too, it locks the Great Go-Buster, making it unable to move! But Nick tells them to use the hover, and stomp on the Zord to damage it! This one of the time where we get to see some really cool move that we wanted for a long time in a MegaZord fight, using it’s heaviness to stomp on things! Really, really good way to deal a heavy damage to a MegaZord, given the fact that the Great Go-Buster has a limited screen time.

Anyways, as usual, they destroy the MegaZord, and the day is saved. Shota also admits to his friends that he lied so that he can get compliments, but his friends tells him it’s okay.


Since the episode is over, it’s time to do the first impressions on Escape. Since Escape herself is a woman, it is only natural to make her look sexy and badass to make her more appealing to be evil. But compare to the previous women, Escape seems to show off her sexiness to us, which is interesting because previous women are pornstars, but Escape’s actress is a Japanese idol, yet she is more willing to be sexy. Also, I find that her voice, specifically her laugh, to be very disturbing. I don’t know, it’s just that a beautiful woman having a voice like that makes her look like a wh**e.

Overall, because this episode introduces us to the newest addition of the main cast, there’s no reason to skip this one. Also, Hiromu’s speech is really useful, perfect for the low self-esteem people who needs encouragement. Like I said, don’t skip this one!


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