Kamen Rider Wizard 04: All About Koyomi

Wizard, she loves you man!

Heh, I lied. While this episode is about Koyomi, but it also focuses on a stubborn Gate, who happened to be a talented pianist that and he wants to win a competition so bad. Furthermore, the Chief Phantoms have sent a Phantom named Cat Sith to deal with the gate! What will happen to the gate? And is there something wrong with Koyomi?


Haruto used some magic to do something to Koyomi, which catches Rinko’s attention. Upon seeing Rinko and Shunpei, Koyomi gets disgusted and went away, even treating them harshly. While she’s annoyed with them in the last episode, this episode clearly shows that she’s jealous with the two, especially Rinko. Probably because Rinko has a crush on Haruto, heh 😛

Meanwhile, Cat Sith has to bring despair to Esaku Takagi, the newest Gate. Apparently he is hesitant to do this job, calling it troublesome. His personality is just like a cat, who’s lazy as hell and prefers goofing and relaxing around rather than do some workout. I personally really like Cat Sith, and I wished that he’s one of the Chief Phantoms. Oh well at least Phoenix is close enough that I can get.


Without further ado, Cat Sith attacks Takagi, which draws the attention of Wizard & Co. At this point, Wizard and co. seems to be just like Kamen Rider Club from Fourze, which is everyone has their own special role. In this case, Wajima is the ring maker, Shunpei as a troublesome assistant, and Rinko act as backup for Wizard which is to search for information and protect the Gate using her connection as a police. I found that Rinko is the most useful out of all and Shunpei, just forget him.

As for Koyomi, this episode obviously tells us that she is the Phillip/Ankh/Kengo of Wizard. We will found out why later on in the episode. Also when she wished good luck on Haruto, it appears that she wanted some attention and she’s really worried about Haruto.


Despite the series are not being directed by Koichi Sakamoto (Who apparently did direct Movie Wars Ultimatum, which starred Wizard), this episode REALLY feels like one. The evidence is that the usage of shaky camera (On Cat Sith’s junkyard scene), and the fights obviously used wire work. Even though Wizard is known for his flipping technique, he didn’t really use them in the episode.

Instead, he used wrestling technique while in Water Style. Even though Water’s wrestling moves didn’t really impress me, the Liquid Ring does. It functions just like BioRider from Black RX, but BioRider usually transforms directly into water, while this one makes Wizard’s body into a pile of water. I loved how it reforms back after getting hit.

Unfortunately, Cat Stih retreats. Haruto and Rinko checked on Takagi, and found out that he used to claim all the prizes when he was young, but lately he didn’t. This is why he was desperate to win, so that his name won’t fall. Suddenly Koyomi arrives and tells them that she’s the only one who can help Haruto, while others can’t. At this point we were shown that she’s desperately trying to get Haruto’s attention.


Unfortunately, again, Cat Sith arrived in his human form to track Takagi easier and avoid Wizard easier. But due to Koyomi’s ability, she quickly deduces that Cat Sith is nearby. Confronting Cat Sith, I’m very impressed to see that Haruto and Cat Sith did some untransformed fight, even though it was brief.

While Haruto and Rinko chased after Cat Sith, Koyomi is confronted by Medusa, who takes interest in Koyomi as she’s not a human nor a Phantom. As she attacks Koyomi, we found out Koyomi is just a magic doll. Basically she’s a NEVER, but uses magic to live, instead of some serum. Now I wonder if Foundation X also did some investigation on Wizard?

As for Haruto and Rinko, the latter tells Haruto that Koyomi might be jealous of her. More on the Hungry Donuts workers, it appears that their main role is to act as running gag for the series. It appears that in each arc, they will promote new donuts to Haruto, only for Haruto to asks for plain sugar instead. I really love both Haruto and their expression when he says “Plain sugar!”. Back to the plot, Haruto is interrupted by a call from Shunpei, who tells them that Koyomi is dead.


Rushing to the scene, Haruto gives her another magical energy like earlier in the episode, and Koyomi is revived. However this greatly weakens Haruto, evidenced by his next fight with Cat Sith. Cat Sith happened to attack Takagi again, but this time Takagi is willing to be attacked. What happened to Takagi?

Even when Wizard arrived, he seems to be disgusted with Wizard’s meddling. While Wizard’s fight with Cat Sith is easy, it is interrupted when the WizarDriver suddenly says “ERROR”. It appears that Haruto is run out of mana, due to using it too much. Because of that, Cat Sith managed to escape. AGAIN.

Overall, a really, really amazing episode. I just LOVE the action scenes, but the plot is a little bit weak. Regardless, this episode is a must watch, because it is connected to main story as it tells the secret of the show’s key character, Koyomi.

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