Go-Busters Mission 21: Ryuji’s Dying?!

R.I.P Ryuji Iwasaki 😥

In this episode, we get more of Ryuji focus episode as we are shocked to hear that if Ryuji keeps on fighting, his overheating problems will cause the end of his life! Is this for real?! How did Gorisaki reacted to this? And how can we find a new BlueBuster? And why does J.Stag holding a banana?!


Hiromu and Yoko discovered that Ryuji is suddenly acting strange, which is due to his overheating taking over his personality. Apparently the overheat is caused by the broken air conditioner, as well as summer comes around. Honestly I loved Kuroki’s reaction to Ryuji, acting badass while Ryuji is serious about killing him.

Elsewhere, Gorisaki tells Jin that Ryuji has a lot of medical check to do, but Masato said that because Ryuji is getting older, his overheating problems can now cost him his life. As usual, Gorisaki freaked out. Only this time it’s OVER 9000!!!!! I need to point out that I had to watch these scene twice. Why? Because I keep paying attention to J.Stag at the background, who was playing by himself. J.Stag in this episode made me laughed so hard that I forgot Masato is telling something important about Ryuji!


As for Enter in this episode, he had to bear a lot of burden, while at the same time Messiah has started to think that Enter is getting useless. In order to release some tension, Enter creates DumbbellRoid, a MetaRoid that is a workout addict. At first I thought he is strong and really fearful opponent, but actually he’s just a robot that likes to work out, and encourages everyone to work out!

Even though his idea is stupid, but it caused a hard time for the Go-Busters. DumbbellRoid’s special ability is that when he throws dumbbells at his opponent, they would start to work out, losing control of their body. As stupid as it sounds, I gotta admit that was kinda slick for a move.


Back at EMC, Ryuji berated about not waking him up to join the fight, and this is when Hiromu uses his blunt attitude to further keep Ryuji away from fighting. His excuse is that they don’t know how long it will take to defeat Vaglass, and in 10 more years, Ryuji would be too old to fight. I love the future scene where Hiromu looks more buff and Yoko looks sexy, as she is now a woman at the time. But the scene also made me laughed because Hiromu and Yoko kept thinking that Ryuji is 50 years older than them!

To make things ‘worse’, they choose Morishita as the new BlueBuster because he is young. Even when Kuroki said that no one can become Go-Busters except those who are injected with the vaccine program, Hiromu adds another excuse which is Jin could think of another way. The whole act works, as it pissed Ryuji off and he goes emo. By the way, I’ve noticed that they didn’t forget about the whole vaccine thing. Usually small things like that are easy to forget.


Meanwhile, Jin asked J.Stag if he had already tell Gorisaki the truth about Ryuji is dying: IT’S A JOKE. Yeah, the whole thing was a joke. Actually this episode is a joke. The title would make you think that this is a sad episode, but actually it’s otherwise! And because J.Stag is J.Stag, he said that he already got it covered, thinking that Jin asked him to tell it to a banana. Oh J.Stag.

Because now we knew that this is a joke, you don’t really feel the sad and emotional part of this episode anymore. Heck, I even laughed during the entire episode! But since the Go-Buster’s didn’t really knew that it was a joke, they’ve told the EMC staff about it, which leads to Ryuji finding out that he is dying. An emo Ryuji goes even emo, takes his morpher and went off. When Kuroki askes who tell them about this, they said Jin, much to Kuroki’s dismay because he know who Jin really is!


On the second session with DumbbellRoid, joined by the Bug Duo, Jin revealed that it was a damn joke. He even berates at J.Stag because he didn’t tell Gorisaki. J. Stag said he did, he did tell it to banana! But before Hiromu, Yoko, and the Bug Duo are about to fight DumbbellRoid for real, Ryuji came in a over dramatic way.

Because now only Ryuji was the one that didn’t know it was a joke, Ryuji turned emo and suddenly bash DumbbellRoid, gaining the upper hand. From then the episode gets really epic and still retains the comedic tone. Honestly, even though Ryuji is being all dramatic and epic, I couldn’t help but laugh because who would’ve thought that a joke would make someone become epic?


Really, Ryuji’s emo fight is badass, and it does too on MegaZord fight. Before he could enter the MegaZord, Ryuji finally knew that this is a joke. However, that didn’t stop him from being dramatic. He told Hiromu and Yoko to stay back as GT-02 pushed Buster Hercules out of the way to take DumbbellZord all by himself! What makes this MegaZord fight more epic is that GT-02 easily pummels DumbbellZord, which is a Beta type, a type that usually requires Ace to take it down. Heck, even after launching those banana missiles to destroy DumbbellRoid, he even throws some at Buster Hercules because of Jin’s joke!

In the end, while it is rest assured that Ryuji will not die soon, he still needs to teach the Bug Duo some lesson for pulling a prank on everyone.

Overall, a really damn funny episode. The comedic tone in this episode is so strong that even the sad parts makes you laugh. But in terms of plot, this episode doesn’t really affect the main story, except the foreshadowing of Enter’s apparent uselessness. If you want a good laugh, watch it.

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