Go-Busters Mission 20: It’s a Really Great Go-Buster!!!

I’m a Go-Buster and I’m great! (BAD PUN)

I’M BACK!!!!! I know it’s 4 months late, but from this episode until Mission 40 I’m gonna continuously post the delayed episode reviews, as well as Wizard 3-11. So now, just enjoy the review will ya? Big thanks for those who still care to read this!


This time, instead of draining Enetron, apparently Enter got too tired of failing and decided to try something new: Give humans a taste of the hyperspace. To accomplish this, he creates FilmRoid, a MetaRoid that has the ability to create live copies of images. Put it simply, he can clone things. When the Go-Busters are pitched against him, FilmRoid would use a recurring technique that is present for every Sentai and even most Tokusatsu: A clone of the heroes.

The clone fights in this episode are brief but somewhat interesting, as the clones looks a lil’ bit cocky. However, being just a copy from the original, they are defeated very quickly. However it is revealed that the clone fights are just to buy some time for the MegaZord to arrive.


As the FilmZord arrives, it projects a copy of the hyperspace, and finally we get to see what it looks like in the Hyperspace. As Jin described, once you’re in the Hyperspace, you will find it difficult to breathe and move around, like being trapped in a jelly. Really, being sarcasm for a while, has anyone ever trapped in a jelly? Huh? Also, if the environments are harsh in there, HOW THE HECK DID JIN WAS ABLE TO BUILD TWO BUSTER MACHINES?! AND BY HIMSELF?! Yeah, granted that J.Stag would help, but that’s still impossible. Oh well, Sentai logic.

Jin also tells them that Go-BusterOh isn’t enough to fight in Hyperspace, so they need to be stronger. This is when Jin devises a plan that unites all 5 Buster Machines, although they need some time to tune it up. I think, for the first time in Sentai, they actually show us how they would upgrade a MegaZord. Seriously, that was cool. Props to Go-Busters for featuring this unique, realistic idea.


As Jin and the EMC crew are busy tuning up the Buster Machines, the Core Busters are dispatched to eliminate FilmRoid. In their second fight, FilmRoid used a new strategy which is to project the dream from the Core Busters, to distract them from fighting. I love on Ryuji and Yoko’s dream, each of them shows that their closest friend would respect them and let them do what they want to do, such as Jin treating Ryuji as the boss and Usada tells Yoko to play more.

However, it turns out that the Busters are simply playing along with that dream, as they anticipated or trained for it. Well, it looks like the 13 years of training is very useful huh? However, Hiromu is the only one who falls for his dream: to be together with his family. This shows that even though Hiromu is strong, he has one significant weakness (apart from chickens, of course): He feels lonely all the time.


Being separated from his family since he was young, Hiromu finally reveals that he longed to be together with his family, and would do anything to be with them. Yeah, I know that Yoko should also feel the same, but she was very little, I mean she was so little that she would easily forget the loneliness. Back to Hiromu, I find it weird that his sister is also in the image. He could see her everyday right? I guess the real meaning is that he wants to his family all to be together, and the only time they could do that is 13 years ago, which is why Hiromu’s sister looks young.

Hiromu managed to snapped out of his daydreaming, telling his ‘family’ that he wants to be with them, but he knows that he can’t right now because he has to do something big so that he can be with them again. He destroys FilmRoid and there’s 2 things that I’ve gotta say about the finisher. When Hiromu prepares to fire it, it looks way damn cool, showing words and stuff. But the firing effect is lame. So lame. I wish they add some red and maybe make it more, I don’t know, neon-ish?


With the MetaRoid being taken care of, it’s time for the whole Go-Busters to enter they newest combination: Great Go-Buster. Now I’m gonna address my first impressions on this guy, first the cons and then the pros. The cons, it is obviously the name. I don’t care about the MegaZord being clusterf**ked, but the name really bothered me. Why don’t they just go with Great Go-BusterOh or DaiBusterOh or GreatBuster? It’s just putting “Go-” there makes it really wierd.

Now the pros. This is probably the first combination in Super Sentai where it requires the MegaZord being formed in their base and by help, not by itself. I just love this concept. It adds the realism to Sentai and really satisfies fans. Meanwhile, Jin tells Hiromu that he had gotten stronger because he knew his weakness. And when they transform, I love how all of them went into the Great Go-Buster (ugghhh….).


So, every epic MegaZord debut must be followed by an epic fight right? Not really. Even though I love Great Go-Buster’s debut, but its first fight is  not really that impressive. Like Go-BusterOh, Great Go-Buster suffers from limited screen time due to the suit’s heaviness. But to cover that up, they made it look like it drains Hiromu’s energy so much that they couldn’t stay for too long. Also, I know that Jin say Hiromu needs to be stronger because of this, but the burden he had to bear is just too one-sided. At least show some burden on the other Busters too, they look kinda useless in here.

Great Go-Buster proceeds to finish FilmZord quickly with their new finisher, Demolition Thurst. The attack kinda reminds me of GoRyuJin (DragonZord Battle mode) and MagiLegend (Manticore MegaZord)‘s finisher. Anyways they managed to free the humans for are trapped in the fake Hyperspace, but not before seeing Messiah for the first time. From then on we knew that the skull is not Messiah’s true form, something that made the Core Busters worry. Regardless, they win this time and Hiromu pass out from the MegaZord fight.

Overall, this is a great episode. Because this is a debut for something new episode, most of you will ended up watching it regardless. But I am proud to say that this episode rocked.


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