Go-Busters Mission 19 Review

Oppa Gangnam Style~ NOT!!!!

In this episode, we now have a BuddyRoid trying to cope up with the new BuddyRoid. In this case, it is Cheeda Nick and obviously, Beet J. Stag! Due to J. Stag’s personality, he ended up making Nick feels sorry for himself and tries to be a better BuddyRoid by trying various things. At the same time, Enter is back and seems to have plans on Nick…….


The episode itself starts with the BuddyRoids having a Wild West-style showdown, and J. Stag asks Nick to pull out his gun………. which is an Enetron drink. That scene is so hilarious even if it is brief. However, when J. Stag compliments Gorisaki and Usada, Nick gets all mad when J calls him “a bike guy”, much to the former’s embarrassment. Thinking that J. Stag thinks that Nick is a weakling, Nick starts to train himself to be a better, and eventually become a battle-type BuddyRoid. Now I know why Nick and the others can’t fight.

Nick’s training scene is hilarious and amazing. Why amazing? Because the suit actor was able to act like Nick is training hard despite the suit being heavy and hot. Heck, when Nick did that skipping, it amazed me because the suit actor can do it like the suit was lightweight! Props to Nick’s suit actor.


Meanwhile, the Busters are worried about Nick’s sudden change in behavior, except Hiromu who acts like a jerk. Really, why does Hiromu acted like a jerk every time when there’s something that’s not related to his parents? I find it to be….. irritating. As for Nick, his training has attracted other people to join him, and Nick ended up becoming a karate instructor for free. Nick was initially hesitated to do it, but after it reminded him of his days training Hiromu to become Red Buster, Nick agrees to do so.

After being absent in the last episode, Enter returns, and instead of obtaining Enetron (apparently he knew that thing was too mainstream and he’ll end up failing, so maybe he wanted to rest for a while), he aims to personally destroy the Go-Busters, particularly the BuddyRoids, as without the BuddyRoids the Busters can’t use their MegaZords thus allowing Enter to obtain Enetron easily. His newest SpannerRoid quickly found Nick, and prepares to disassemble Nick so he can’t be used anymore.  Good plan Enter, good plan.


However, J. Stag suddenly arrives, and takes the fight. The fight scene is awesome because this is the first time StagBuster fights without BeetBuster. And to add up more of the awesomeness, he takes the fight alone, even when the Go-Busters arrived (although they didn’t transform). Also, I’m surprised that StagBuster can still drink Enetron even when in Ranger form! It was amusing if you ask me!

Knowing that StagBuster is a serious force to be reckoned with, the SpannerRoid retreats, while Hiromu scolds Nick for losing his confidence. Yes, Hiromu is a total jerk right now. Now gone emo, Nick wanders around aimlessly until he once again cross paths with SpannerRoid!! Enter reveals his intentions of giving the 4 hour countdown of the next MegaZord, all so that it will allow the Go-Busters to split up and look for the MetaRoid while the SpannerRoid will disassemble the BuddyRoids. Nick tried to stop him, but ended up getting disassembled by SpannerRoid.


However, before Nick could be completely disassembled, Hiromu comes in and kicks Nick (much like how Ban AKA DekaRed kicks Houji AKA DekaBlue) and tells him the reason he kicked Nick is because Nick told him to plunge forward and not hesitate. This triggers a heart-touching moment as Nick and Hiromu finally settles their problems.

Suddenly, Jin, whose been absent from the beginning appears alongside J. Stag, and tells that Nick is not just “a bike guy”. J. Stag adds that Nick is “the trustworthy BuddyRoid”, which puts Nick into tears….. until Hiromu tells him that robots can’t cry.

However, SpannerRoid isn’t done yet and calls in some Buglers while Enter takes his leave. The Go-Busters transforms and fights, with RedBuster and BeetBuster fighting SpannerRoid while Blue, Yellow and StagBuster fights the Buglers. I love this fight scene as it shows that the Core Busters and the Bug Duo are getting along with each other and can fight side-by-side now. Anyways, Red and BeetBuster managed to do a combo finisher and destroy SpannerRoid, and they prepare to take the MegaZord fight.


This time, the MegaZord itself is a Gamma Type, but with some unsual energy reading. This could mean that the Delta Type MegaZord could appear again, and it is correct. Thus, Go-BusterOh and Go-BusterBeet split up, with the former taking on Delta and Beet fights Gamma. This is weird. Why the hell did they leave Beet to fight a weaker opponent when he can fight Delta and the Core Busters can only fight to Gamma. Maybe they wanted to try a new strategy, and maybe they don’t want to rely completely on the Bug Duo on the hard battles. Also I noticed that the Delta Type MegaZord didn’t have any additional weapons like the previous types did when Enter created a new MetaRoid.

Anyways, this time the Go-BusterOh didn’t quickly use its finisher, and instead slashes its opponents first. After a while, we finally get to see Go-BusterOh did some damage before using the Dimension Crash. And because the finisher itself won’t work on Delta, they instead try a new finisher, which is a Rider Kick called Explosion Kick, which involves the Go-BusterOh putting all of its energy into one spot. Really good way to show another variation.

Meanwhile, the SpannerZord proves to be more than a match for Go-BusterBeet, forcing the Bug Duo to use Buster Hercules, the Go-BusterOh’s equivalent to the Bug Duo’s MegaZords. I really liked its design, it looks more badass than Go-BusterBeet, save for one thing: The handheld weapons. It is too big that it looks weird and the gun’s handle is too thin. It just looks weird. Anyways, their finisher, Hercules Crisis, is one hell of a brutal finisher. It involves the Buster Hercules firing all of its weapons at the opponent until nothing remains. Deadly, it is.


With the monster gone and the day is once again saved, the Go-Busters are watching Nick trains some kids. Having found a new confidence, Nick asks Hiromu to join him. Hiromu told him that he also realized that he needs Nick, because Nick is a ‘bike man’ after all and running can be tiring so why don’t use Nick as a bike instead? Pissed off, Nick gets into a skirmish fight with Hiromu, much like how Jin and J. Stag did.

Overall, a fun episode, since the main character is Nick, not a Ranger. Also, the debut of Buster Hercules is really cool, but like Go-BusterOh, he quickly use his finisher. I would love to see it using more of its weapons in the future. Again, a good episode, give it a watch, especially because the had some new things on the mecha fights.


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