Go-Busters Mission 18 Review


In this episode, the Go-Busters are forced to deal with a MegaZord that’s not only arrived quickly, but it also forms a hole that brings trouble to the Go-Busters! Meanwhile, Yoko takes an interest in Beet J. Stag, but due to J. Stag’s personality, will Yoko, a hot-headed girl, cope up with this new member of the Go-Busters?


The episode starts with Yoko reading about beetles and translates J. Stag’s name into Japanese, which I found very amusing, and Ryuji whining about ‘babysitting’ Jin now puts more burden to him. Commander Kuroki suggest that they must get along with the Bug Duo, as now the Go-Busters are in the upper hand against Vaglass.

Anyways, after getting a surprise that the MegaZord arrived rather quickly, the Core Busters went to the crime scene. Learning that the enemy has an advantage underground, the Busters are trying to form a plan to descend and fight it. But why did the MegaZord travel underground instead of usually taking Enetron from the Tank? Well because they usually did and usually failed, maybe the Vaglass decided to do something unique. Also, the underground contains unmined Enetron, maybe unharvested Enetron will supply much more energy than the usual ones did.

Before a plan could be made, the Busters are forced to fled the area as the MetaRoid are attacking a nearby area, with no Enetron on it. The Cores arrive only to see DrillRoid Version 2, apparently searching for its way to Enetron. Regardless, the Busters fight it, but the DrillRoid managed to get away.


Now the Busters are having 2 problems: first are the MegaZords underground, second is the escaped DrillRoid. Thankfully, the Bug Duo appears out of nowhere and offers their aid by forming a plan which involves splitting the Go-Busters into two teams. Instead of the Core Busters and Bug Duo like the previous episodes, this episode marks the first time that the both are split and form a different team. The first team is to counter the DrillZord Version 2, which consist of Red, Blue and Beet Busters. While Hiromu are reluctant to follow, Jin just shuts him up by showing a picture of chicken and then carrying him around like its very lightweight! Well he has to transform first, and the fact that he transforms to do something that’s not for fighting is always cool.

As for Yoko, she was forced to team up with J. Stag. To be precise, only J. Stag are involved in the mission, but Yoko just followed him around because she has nothing to do. Back at the hole, BeetBuster tells Red and Blue that he will use BC-04 and grabs Ace and sends it underground to fight it, while GT-02 acts as bodyguard for BC-04 should anything attacks the latter. I fins this plan very splendid and unique because there’s rarely Sentai series that plans something that involves mechas!


Meanwhile, J. Stag who keeps screwing around for tree saps pissed Yoko off, as she told Usada that she hates J. Stag. However they are ambushed by DrillRoid and the two Busters fights it off. As for the mechas, they discovered that the MegaZord is an Alpha Type, due to the BugZords interfering. BlueBuster protects BeetBuster from the Fourze MagnetZords at the surface, while Ace have a showdown with the DrillZord. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Alpha Type MegaZords are capable to send another set of BugZords, and possibly the could send it to the point of infinity! Anyways, 3 VS 1 is really hard on Hiromu, while Jin watches by and laughs like there’s nothing happening.

Back to Yoko, she was just about to gain the upper hand when all of a sudden she starts to get hungry! As always, pulling a snack during a fight is pointless (Haven’t you learn, Yoko? From Mission 13?!) and the snack are taken away from Yoko, rendering her unable to fight. However, StagBuster came and offers a tree sap to her, which she finds to be sweet. Having restored her energy, she tells Usada that she likes J. Stag now. Typical Yoko.


Having obtained an upper hand against DrillRoid, the two Busters had a pep talk before finishing it off. Apparently J. Stag only saves Yoko because Jin told him to work with Yoko. Regardless, they finish the DrillRoid together and I really love StagBuster’s finisher. Really, really, really love it.

Anyways, with one task done, the two Busters went to help the others in their mecha. RedBusters sends the DrillZord to the surface to fight Go-BusterBeet, while he himself destroys the remaining Fourze MagnetZords. YellowBuster helps BlueBuster defeats the Fourze MagnetZords on the surface, and it is really good to see RH-03’s Animal Mode again. As for the Bug Duo, StagBuster aids BeetBuster by using SJ-05’s Animal Mode to attack it and Go-BusterBeet finishes it by using another attack called “Beet Cannon Burst”. Matching the ‘cannon’ part, the attack itself is a one-shot kill, instead of lasers firing around. Really good old-fashioned finisher.


The episode ends with a simple ending that’s not very significant. But Jin and J. Stag fighting are hilarious, especially when Jin tricks J. Stag that there’s Enetron and then kicks him is too damn funny. Anyways, this episode is a really good episode. While the normal fight scenes itself is okay, the MegaZord fights are the highlight of this episode.

Seriously, the MegaZord are featured at the beginning until the end. This is what makes the Go-Busters a pretty unique Sentai series, as they don’t have any fancy gimmicks, so they just rely on MegaZord fights to keeps the show strong. Yoko and J. Stag’s teamup is good, and to be honest, Yoko in this episode really reminds me of Luka Milify (I LOVE YOU MAO ICHIMICHI :* ) . Regardless, give it a watch, since it is worth it. Speaking of which, where the hell is Enter?


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