Go-Busters Mission 17 Review

“We Skype while we fight, right?”

In this episode, we enter the part in a Sentai that where we get to see the additional Rangers forming a chemistry with the core Rangers. In this case, as Ryuji is the one who knows Jin the most, this episode obviously was focused on him, with Jin playing the typical additional ranger role after their debut. Being another Ryuji focus episode, this episode expands about the dream that Ryuji gave up before in Mission 8. Not only that, the episode itself is also the debut of the Go-BusterBeet, the Go-BusterAce’s equivalent to Beet Buster’s BC-04!


The episode opens with Ryuji deploying GT-02 to intercept two MegaZord that’s just been teleported and currently attacking the Enetron tank. Turns out the two MegaZord is none other than BC-04 and SJ-05!! Not only that, they transformed into their Buster Animal mode to gather Enetron! I love how they use that function to steal some Enetron.

Regardless Ryuji plead them to stop and Kuroki decides to give them their own supply of Enetron. Also, Kurorin, Kuroki’s nickname given by Jin (which apparently teases him a lot and the other EMC staff are laughing about it) points out that Jin’s Buster Machine is the same one as the stolen blueprint. But he assures that Jin builds it in the Hyperspace by himself.


Meanwhile, Enter suggest to avoid fighting BeetBuster in the Hyperspace, which might result in the destruction of the said dimension. Not only this gives Jin not to worry about his back in the Hyperspace, but this may also become a plot point. Who knows, maybe in the Go-Busters’s final arc Jin makes the first move by attacking Vaglass in the Hyperspace so that it could be more vulnerable and the Core Busters can enter it easily? Well as of writing (which is months late because of my tight studying schedule) we currently don’t know if this is going to be a major plot in the series.

Back to the Busters, Ryuji and Jin are having a pep talk about Ryuji becoming a Go-Buster and abandoning his dream. We learned that he went to the center 13 years ago to design a new MegaZord, and that Ryuji doesn’t even have a family there. This makes me wanna find out more about Ryuji’s family namely, how they react upon finding that their son is now a superhero. Another thing, I wonder if Ryuji will design a new MegaZord someday. Ryuji also points out that he fights because he wanted to keep an eye to Hiromu and Yoko, because he is the eldest of the three. But even if he’s the eldest, Jin finds that he is the one that lacks a reason to fight.


Regardless, Jin and Ryuji went to get Jin’s supply of Enetron, only to be attacked by Enter, who used Jin’s Enetron to create ForkRoid and also create a new MegaZord, which now has more mass than usual due to Enter using a lot of Enetron. Jin is pissed by this and went on to say “Oh shit!”, making him the first Ranger (including Power Rangers) to curse using an English word! I know that its rude, but it is certainly cool!

The Busters transforms, now with Core Busters and Bug Duo together, with Stag Buster still don’t get the Sentai formula of transforming and doing role call afterwards, the fight the ForkRoid. Like the previous episode, this episode still doesn’t have the Bug Duo teaming up with Core Busters, instead they just fight on their own.


The MegaZord finishes its transport, leaving the Core Busters no choice but to attack it first. Due to the unusual MegaZord Beta being a normal Beta, they just decided to use Go-BusterAce……. only to discover that there’s another MegaZord spawning from Beta! This MegaZord, codenamed Delta, is the pirated version of BC-04, and spawns from other MegaZords like a parasite. Neat idea. Anyways, Go-BusterOh is formed, and went on quick to use the Dimension Crash to destroy it…………… only to have no effect on Delta!! Due to the Go-BusterOh’s finisher requires a lot of Enetron, the Buster Machines are split apart. Seriously, does the Go-BiusterOh’s suit is that heavy that it was featured less and less? Also, during Go-BusterOh’s transformation, it appears that the EMC has upgraded the force field, allowing the Zords to be formed without trouble of being attacked. I can expect these kind of thing, it was really good to see that they worked on upgrading their capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Bug Duo finishes the ForkRoid using their DriBlade and, I find the finisher to be very AWESOME. With the DriBlade projecting a beetle horn for each of them are neat, although I would prefer if Stag Buster’s finisher is somewhat similar to Kamen Rider Gatack’s Rider Cutting, instead of a cross-slash. Regardless, the finisher is epic.


With the Vaglass having an advantage, and Ryuji suddenly became a shield to Hiromu and Yoko, the Bug Duo decided to even the odds by summoning their Buster Machine. Now during the summoning, we get to see glimpses of Jin’s base at the Hyperspace. One thing that amazed me, and confused me at the same time, is that how the hell Jin was able to build not only the Buster Machines, but also the base?! And all by himself (and of course, J. Stag helps too)?! Really, really wierd.

So with the BC-04 and SJ-05 pwning the MeagZord Delta, Jin gave Ryuji another pep talk as he needs to fight for himself, not to rely only on protecting, but also fighting. This caused Ryuji to go emo and steals some Enetron from CB-01 and RH-03, and destroys MegaZord Beta using the ever-epic banana bomber!!!!

Now that Beta has been taken care of, it’s time for Beet Buster to debut his MegaZord: Go-BusterBeet!! I find the design of this to be wierd….. and not my type of design. Regardless, its ability is amazing, with being able to extend the arms and all that. Now to prove that the original is better, Go-BusterBeet finishes the MegaZord Delta by launching SJ-05 onto Delta! Even though it’s really cool to see a finisher involving SJ-05, but I would rather to see Go-BusterBeet using its weapon on its right hand. Oh well.


With both MegaZords destroyed, Enter, who spends most of the time watching the fight and boasting about Vaglass will win and all that, gets pissed again and disappears. This is the first time we see Enter disappears by dissolving into data, now that we know that he is and avatar (I originally thought he was a cyborg or an android).

After all that stuff, Jin gave Ryuji the books that he recommended on engineering, as well as an invoice for the books as Jin obviously didn’t have money because he is an avatar! And I like how he mocks Ryuji being the oldest that Ryuji needs to give his ‘youngsters’ some pocket money, even funnier when Jin points out that despite being 40 years old, his avatar is his own self at 27, a year younger than Ryuji, so Ryuji must play dad to him, Hiromu and Yoko! Poor, poor Ryuji….

Overall, THE BEST EPISODE of Go-Busters so far. This episode shows us everything that we wanted to see. Not only it contains a good drama, but also the action scenes are very good, with Bug Duo’s finisher and Go-BusterBeet’s debut being the highlight. So fans, this episode is a must watch and you can’t miss this episode. Really, really good. I would love to give it two “Yes” recommendations!

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