Go-Busters Mission 16 Review

“I’m like the bug RoboCop. Bitches loves RoboCops”

In this 2nd part of the debut of Beet and Stag Busters, we get to learn more about Jin and his BuddyRoid, J! As the previous episode shows that the duo are stealing the Enetron, the Go-Busters now thinks that they are also the enemy! Meanwhile Hiromu also wants to find the truth about these duo, he wants to know if there’s any survivors in the Hyperspace. Could the duo really be the enemy? What was their purpose for the Enetron? Is there any survivors from the Hyperspace?


First things first, When J. Stag visits the EMC, I love how he acts like a drunken old man just to get in and get some Enetron (The Enetron that Jin stole is for himself, leaving no extra to J. Poor, poor J 😥 ). Furthermore, when it seems that nobody answered the door, he pulls out his Morphin’ Blaster just to shoot it? Looks pretty drunk if you ask me. Anyways, Hiromu asks him more about himself, and all J. Stag answers is all about himself, including the “J” part of his name, which stands for Jueki, a tree sap in Japanese. And I love how Nick questions as why his name is not “John” or “Joe”. Typical Nick!

Regardless, the Busters went to spy J. Stag to see where Jin lives. At the same time, Enter creates another MetaRoid: ParabolaRoid, a satellite MetaRoid that is used to find Beet and Stag Busters. I find Enter to be creative this time, not only the new MetaRoid serves to find and dispose the Bug Duo, but also the MegaZord will obtain Enetron as well.


Anyways, Hiromu finally encountered Jin, who tells him that Hiromu’s father was a nuisance for dragging the others into the Hyperspace and call it a ‘heroic sacrifice’. I get what Jin meant, he was angry that even thought Hiromu’s father wants to do a good thing, he shouldn’t drag others in it. Hiromu however corrects Jin, telling that his father felt really guilty for doing this. This cause the two of them to transform and fight, giving our first Ranger VS Ranger of this season.

However Enter barged in during the fight, and ParabolaRoid fired a homing missile at Hiromu, but Jin takes it and went to Enter, seemingly killing them both. This is where we learn the truth of why Jin looked young, where J. Stag comes in and suddenly projects another Jin?! Enter also appears again, and revealed that both he and Jin are data or rather, Avatars! At first I thought it was the Aand kind of Avatar but no, the two of them are more like the Phillip from Kamen Rider W kind of Avatar. I find Jin being an avatar is cool, since if gets destroyed, he can countlessly revive again and again, as long as J. Stag didn’t get destroyed.


As for Enter, this has raised another question about Enter. If he is an avatar, where is the real Enter? Does he actually live in the Hyperspace too? As for J. Stag, he is the real deal. He’s the one who came from the Hyperspace, the “trash data” and his purpose is to become the ‘Marker’, for projecting Jin and teleporting “something bigger”. So like I said, J. Stag is the most important aspect of the Bug Duo, as if he gets destroyed, neither Jin or ‘something big’ can come out again. But what is the ‘something big’ that J. Stag talks about? We’ll find out shortly.

Jin remarks that he also stole the Enetron from the Hyperspace (which makes sense why Messiah keeps on bragging about the lack of Enetron, as the ones that they stole got stolen again!), so that he can actually return to Earth. He tells the Core Busters that they need to get stronger as they are no match for Messiah for now (as in Jin’s case, pretty typical because the 6th Ranger is always stronger and I mean, far stronger than the current Rangers).


Now that we know the Bug Duo weren’t the enemy, it’s time for the Core Busters and the Bug Duo’s group transformation! Followed by their respective role call, I find it funny that Stag Buster went to introduce himself first, only to be blocked by Beet Buster. However, even though that they are now a team, the fight still shows that the two groups are divided, with the Core Busters are dealing with the Buglers and Bug Duo are pwning ParabolaRoid.

The ParabolaZord arrives, and much to my surprise, this MegaZord’s purpose is not about gathering Enetron, but rather to destroy the Busters personally and easily! How neat Enter, how neat. And cruel  . As always, Go-BusterAce are dispatched to deal the MegaZord, but the BugZords (or as I prefer, Fourze MagnetZords) holds him away, giving Ace disadvantage!


This is when Stag Buster reveals the ‘something big’ thing, which is the Bug Duo’s Buster Machines! One thing I find about J. Stag’s marker system is that it is pretty advanced, more advanced than the Vaglass, teleportation system. Regardless, Beet and Stag Buster went to fight the Fourze MagnetZords, transforming into Buster Animal mode. I find the Buster Animal mode of these Zords to be very unique, as not only they look cool, but they can defeat MegaZords easily due to their ability to suck up Enetrons. To be precise, they are bugs, so having a Zord that can suck things is cool!

With the ParabolaZord destroyed by Ace, Jin tells the truth about Hiromu’s parents. That night 13 years ago, Jin wasn’t celebrating the Christmas party with others, he was working at a different block. As a result, when he got transported into the Hyperspace, he never meet any other human there, but he found something that was from the party and gave it to Hiromu. That thing turned out to be a Christmas jukebox, and Yoko assures Hiromu that their parents are safe.

Overall, a really good episode. Not only we get to learn more about the Bug Duo, but we also saw the first glimpse of their Buster Machines. If there’s one thing that I don’t like about this episode is that the battle before the ParabolaZord arrived. I wish that they could show Bug Duo teaming up with Core Busters. Oh well, I guess they will be in future episodes.


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