Go-Busters Mission 15 Review

MagiYellow, you’re back!!

In this episode, we are properly introduced to the two new characters that made their debut on the previous episode. Surprisingly, this two happens to be the new Go-Busters and one of them is a BuddyRoid! Another surprise, the Beet Buster is played by Hiroya Matsumoto, AKA Tsubasa Ozu/MagiYellow from MagiRanger!!! How cool is that?!


Being the 6th Ranger introduction episode, even though they weren’t 6th Rangers, we could expect a lot from it, and yet, it doesn’t fail us! The episode begins as the main Busters discovers more of Ryuji’s past, which lead them to his sempai, the genius engineer Masato Jin. It is revealed that he is the reason why Ryuji went to the lab 13 years ago, which ultimately shapes his destiny into becoming Blue Buster.

More about his past, Ryuji got 2nd place in an engineering contest because Jin told him that “perfection is boring, flaws are what makes it interesting,” which confuses everyone, as why the heck that they wanted a robot with flaws. Regardless, this basically sums up Jin’s intellect level, which is too genius that he considers that perfection is boring and flaws are interesting. Pretty weird for a genius if I may say.


Meanwhile, Messiah told Enter that the new MegaZord won’t be complete because there isn’t enough Enetron for it. Enter then discovers that there’s a leak of Enetron in the Hyperspace, as well as a “trash data”. What could this mean? Anyways he created the  SoujikiRoid, or rather VacuumRoid. I like how the woman didn’t notice Enter when he greets her, and then screams in panic when VacuumRoid appears.

More about VacuumRoid, he looks like a bored guy who was forced to do a boring job. The way that he speaks prove that. Seriously, I feel like this MetaRoid wants to sleep rather than gain Enetron. Anyways, with his vacuum ability, he gets a big haul of Enetron easily. But of course, the Go-Busters intervenes his job.


And this is the part where BeetBuster and his BuddyRoid, Beet J. Stag makes their debut fight. Unlike Gokai Silver in Gokaiger, this duo did fight a little before letting the VacuumRoid to get away. Why did they do that? Their actions pissed Hiromu, but before he could give them a punch, Ryuji stops him, claming that BeetBuster’s voice sounds so familiar.

BeetBuster then de-transforms, and reveals himself to be: Masato Jin! Furthermore, this Jin is the exact same one as 13 years ago! Why does he looked very young and hasn’t aged at all? Although most of us fans were surprised to see MagiYellow again.

First impressions of Masato Jin, man, Hiroya Matsumoto did a really good job in portraying this character that makes it SO different than Tsubasa Ozu. You could just say that the two have the same face (obviously) but different personality. I like it! As for his BuddyRoid, Beet J. Stag, he always stands in front of Jin, which pisses Jin off. Moreover, the two of them really reminds me of Yuuto Sakurai and Deneb, except that J keeps getting in Jin’s way. Also, Jin has a really odd girly attitude. I wouldn’t say he’s flamboyant, but he’s certainly girlish in some way.


The 3 Busters are shocked to see Jin again, specifically Ryuji. However, they believe that the Jin they saw just now is an imposter, as he looks like he’s barely aged. I like how everyone thinks that Jin is a fake, except Nick who think that the Hyperspace is a DragonPalace, which would prevent Jin from aging. Furthermore, Hiromu said that another obvious reason that he’s a fake is because of his attitude, which doesn’t suit a typical engineer. Ryuji corrects him, saying that THAT was Jin’s real personality.

The VacuumRoid makes its move again, and the Go-Busters are dispatched to stop him. This makes VacuumRoid go mad all the way and starts beating them bluntly. However Jin and J arrives, and transforms into Beet Buster, as well as J transforming into Stag Buster!!! Nick explains that he wasn’t really transforming, more like stripping of his armor to complete the Stag Buster transformation. You can see that some of his armor went to Jin while they transform. This could mean that Jin needs J if he wanna transform. Although I wonder how did Jin can transform by himself without J transforming into Stag Buster?

More on the Bug duo, they were more like Batman and Robin rather than Kamen Riders Ichigo and Nigo meaning that Stag Buster acts as Beet Buster’s sidekick. With the Bug duo handling the VacuumRoid, the Go-Busters are forced to handle VacuumZord using Go-BusterOh, but not before disabling the VaccumZord’s weapon. I like how Ryuji use the Banana Missile to let the Vacuum absorb it, at first I thought it would explode, but no, they were only giving it time to let the formation of Go-BusterOh. As always, they defeated the Zord.


Meanwhile, the Bug Duo are busy slashing the Buglers with their DriBlade, even doing some of Koichi Sakamoto’s wire-fu. In the end, they finish the VacuumRoid using the Morphin Blaster. I love how they activate the Morphin Blaster’s final attack, by shouting “Come On!”, and the way they shout it is reminiscent of Captain Falcon’s “Come On!”.

As the fight are over, the Go-Busters are starting to trust the Bug Duo……. only to see Jin and J taking the Enetron that the VacuumRoid gathered and run away with it. Just what are they planning to do with the Enetron? Are the secretly working for Messiah without Enter’s knowledge? Are they actually a friend or foe?

Overall, being your typical 6th Ranger introduction episode, this episode is really epic. Also I like the Bug Duo’s theme song, a salsa-themed song. Originally I wanted to combine this review with episode 16, but I ended up rambling to much about episode 15 that I decided to split it. The next review will probably be a little shorter I guess. Anyways, this episode is a MUST WATCH.


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