S.H. Figuarts RedBuster Update, Chida Nick Announced

After the announcement of SH Figuarts BoukenRed and RedBuster, now we got more information of the first hero from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters that got an SH Figuarts release. Counting previous Reds, including ShinkenRed‘s other modes, he is the eighth Red Ranger in the line.


S.H. FiguArts RedBuster stands 14omm tall and comes with the Go-Busters side weapons  SouganBlade and its binocular mode, IchiganBuster and its camera mode, as well as IchiganBuster Final Buster Mode. Interchangeable hands are also included.

To further complete RedBuster‘s gear, Bandai announced that S.H. Figuarts Chida Nick will join the line as a Tamashii Web Exclusive. It stands 160mm tall and comes with “weapons set.” But I do wonder what’s that supposed to be.

S.H. FiguArts RedBuster costs 3675 yen, and slated for September release, while S.H. FiguArts Chida Nick costs 3675 yen, and slated for October release.

PERSONAL THOUGHT: I WILL get RedBuster and Chida Nick. But like BoukenRed, Chida Nick will have to wait next year, and I got a feeling that he will stay on my store’s shelf longer. But seeing the pictures, I am proud(?) to say that I hate the black joints used on RedBuster. I know that dual-colored joints are impossible, but at least use red joints or silver! And his figure better be good!


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