My work at RRR Otoku!!

In case you don’t know, I am now a staff for RRR Otoku. No, not Otaku, but Otoku, a fusion of Otaku and Tokusatsu. Put simply its a Tokusatsu Otaku. Yeah, confusing right? As the staff writer there, my job is to write an episode reviews for Tokusatsu series, or rather any show or movies that I watch. So far I only did Go-Busters, and plan to write for Kamen Rider once Fourze ends, the same goes to Power Rangers. So, here’s the link to the respective Go-Busters review I wrtie so far:

Go-Busters Mission 1 Review

Go-Busters Mission 2 Review

GoBusters Mission 3 Review

By the way, I’m finished with my exams so………..I’M BACK VITCHES!!!!!!

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