Introducing RRR Otoku


I just wanna say on March 7th I will be accepted into the Otoku Crew, where I’ll be the columnist. Anyway, here’s the official statement of the site:

All this week starting today, the RRR website will be known as RRR Otoku or just Otoku. Some of our Team will be here giving you a small taste of the Otoku experience. What’s this experience? Well in short, Otoku will be covering a full range of topics under the realm of japanese and general geekiness. That means tokusatsu, anime, cartoons, gaming, comics, manga, music and so much more. Best of all we’ll be bringing you stories from the fandom from fan art to fan made videos. You’ll see us give you news, reviews, columns, gossip, truths, rumours, commentaries and even insults. We’re providing an on-the-ground look at the culture we all love. We have a cast of great writers wanting to bring you a little something new to your life. Provoking your mind and peaking interests. Engaging you and challenging you. We’ll undoubtedly entertain you and most of all, inform you in more depth. We’re not a site that tries to be extremely selective of you what you should see. We’re a site that wants to bring you everything, because knowledge is power. Otoku is the people’s blog.

Let’s have a small tour around shall we? To your left you will find a side bar with the RRR Facebook like button. Beneath it is our server location and time. Then we have a real cool guy list of our awesome crew known as the Otoku Team. This way you know who are all the great personalities making Otoku so cool. Plus you can find a way to contact them. Now not the whole team is listed, but you’ll see and meet them soon on the full Otoku. At the top of the page are 5 featured articles. How an article get’s featured is when it’s either a popular story or receives a lot of comments. So you guys basically choose what should be all the rage. Then taking the rest of the page are our list of stories. Always displaying the latest and the newest article takes a big box for your viewing pleasure.

Please note that your regular RRR content will still stream uninterrupted here on The Otoku content will just add on to it. Additionally the toy release schedule is still accessible and along with the Cool Guy Lists.

Finally we’re not mostly YouTube reviewers. We’re not the RRR Podcast. We’re not made up of ShukuenShinobi, Jedimon and DosmRider. We are a whole new breed, with a different attitude. We are Otoku.

Be sure to spot us on our official site when we officially launch at or Have a great week and we hope you enjoy, Otoku style!

Here’s the site:


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