Happy New Year!!!!

Just dropping by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! With 2012 coming, I am hoping that this year would be even more fantastic than 2011. I’m going to study for my SPM and also collect as many toys as possible!!! As well as keeping AwesomeTVMsia together.

For the 2012 toys, this year would’ve probably the first year where I brought something other than S.H.Figuarts, in this case, Super Robot Chogokin. While I can see at my local shop that SRC DekaRanger Robo are still in stock and SRC MagiKing are available for pre-ordering, I may or may not have plans to pick ’em up. But I am planning to get SRC DaiZyuJin, which is the Mighty Morphin Megazord. Already pre-ordered SH Figuarts Gokai Silver, and I’m waiting for SH Figuarts Gosei Knight, which will be released in April via Tamashii Web Exclusive (sigh). I’m also hoping that they will make more Rider final forms and Sentai Figuarts, particularly Fourze, Go-Busters and previous Heisei Riders.

Other than collecting toys and studying hard for SPM, I’m also interested in buying new a new camera and PC, so that I can have V-Logs and making toy reviews and edit them using my PC. So I hope my dad would buy me a new one.

So guys, Happy New Year again, and have a spectacular year!!!


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