Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze PSP Review

This is actually my first time reviewing a game, so bear with me. Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze is the fourth installment in the Climax Heroes series, this time based on the series Kamen Rider Fourze. Even though this is the fourth game, I would consider this as the 3rd one, because Climax Heroes W is only an expansion pack rather than a sequel to me.

As Fourze itself is the 40th anniversary series, they decided to include some of the Showa Riders. So you get the same 36 (sans AutoVajin and WCAX) characters from Climax Heroes OOO added with Fourze, Ichigo, Niigo, V3, Amazon, Black, Black RX, Shadowmoon, NEW Den-O and Ibuki. This brings together 47 playable Riders, minus form change. If included with form changes, it would be about 60 Riders, sans OOO Random Combos since I would be dead if I counted it up.

Faiz performing his Crimson Smash

Gameplay wise, it is exactly the same as Climax Heroes OOO. The left and right buttons is moving forward and backwards, while up button is jumping, and the down button is charging the Climax Gauge.The Analog Stick is for form changes. Both  directional buttons and analog stick controls can be swapped to suit you better. The L and R button is used for sidestepping. For attacks, the Square button if for light attacks (punch and kicks), while X is for strong attacks (sword slash, gun shoot, etc.). The Circle button is used for special attacks (Rider Kicks, etc.) and the Triangle button allows you to use Rider Finale, but to do it you must have the Climax Gauge to be full in order to use them, once succesful, it will initiate a cutscene where the Rider performs his signature attack and KO’s the enemy, or at least deal a heavy damage to them. In some missions, you will find yourself fighting in a three-dimensional stage, instead of the usual 2D fighting. This will change the little of the controls. The directional buttons or analog stick allows you to move, and form changing is vice-versa. The L and R button is now used to jump, so you can’t sidestep or charge anymore. Attacks is still the same.

To be honest, I don’t really find CH4 to be much improvement to the CHOOO, despite it is better than before. This is because there is little upgrade to the game.  Because I don’t have a Wii, I didn’t play CHW, so when I play CHOOO, I feel like it’s a more worthy sequel, since you got more characters and the originals have new forms. But for CH4, you only get not so many new characters and a new tag battle team. That is all. I was expecting a new story mode but you only get missions for each Rider.

Fourze using his Astro Switches

For the characters, there wasn’t really a lot to them. Most of them are a single style Rider, except Fourze and Black RX.  Fourze is a form changing type, with 3  available forms: Switches, Elek States and Fire States. However you can only select one form before battle. The Switch will allow you to have 8 Astro Switches: Rocket, Drill, Launcher, Radar and 4 optional Switch. Thus you can select any 4 of 13 available Switch. The switches usually serves as weapons, and most of them are damage-dealing moves, except Flash, Camera and Shield. Also, I’m kinda expecting Fourze to have a Switch combo, but the only thing I’m seeing is Launcher+Radar and Scissors+Rocket. As for the States change, it was nothing special, typical form change epicness.

Black RX kicking up!!
Dex- I mean err, Kotaro aka Black RX, kicking up Zolda

Move on to the Showa Riders. Because they are too simple, they add some special treatment to make them unique. If you press down then the Cirlce button while having at least one bar of Climax Gauge, you will do a special taunt which after that, your belt logo will glow and if you do a special  attack or Rider Finale, the game will pauses for a moment and the narrator will make a history lesson about the attack. For example, Ichigo activates his taunt, and does a Rider Kick at the enemy, the narrator will explain about the Rider Kick’s origins and power. This feature is what makes Showa Riders unique and it’s very fun to do it.

Team OOO beat the hell out of their senior, Double

Then we got 3 new Heisei Rider, namely Birth, NEW Den-O and Ibuki. I understand why Birth and NEW Den-O is in there because Birth is OOO’s 2nd Rider and NEW Den-O is the current protagonist of Cho Den-O, but why Ibuki? I would rather go with Zanki. And still, I wanted them to include Gills, Chalice and Skull!!! 😡

NEW Den-O and Ibuki is nothing special, them is them. But Birth is unique the fact that he has 2 different battle style. This is because Birth has 2 user, Date and Gotou. So you can use whichever one you liked and they will have different moves and finisher. However Birth is also a single-style Rider, means that you cannot use BirthDay Mode, but you can still use the CLAWs as attacks.

Double Riders VS Hell Hoppers

The other feature of CH4 is that you can have a tag team battle. The sad thing is, it’s not 2-on-2. You still fight 1-on-1 but you can swap Riders freely during the battle. Form changing is removed, so you have to select your favorite form first. But the form change button is replaced by a tag attack  move, which costing Climax Gauge, you can summon your partner and attack the poor enemy together with him. Also, during the tag battle, you have a special Rider Finale which is apparently the same for any Rider. The two Riders jump, and then kicks or punches the enemy and the it blows. That’s it. Also it is the tag battle where you could only control Birth Prototype, which is Birth’s exclusive partner only available through him.

TaJaDor using his Kujaku Medal attack against Knight

As for the previous Riders, the only ones who got an upgrade is OOO and the Riders that doesn’t have the Rider Finale, namely G3-X, Kaixa, Garren, Gattack, Dark Kabuto, Kick Hopper, Punch Hopper and Nega Den-O. OOO now has new forms, the TaJaDor Combo variations, ShaUTa Combo variations, BuraKaWani and PuToTyra Combo. BuraKaWani and PuToTyra are divided from the rest because of their nature as final-form style, which you have to have a full Climax Gauge before form changing. Also, if you choose the free form-changing style, you will have 2 choices. One is for the OOO Bash Rider Finale, while the other one is for the Magna Blaze Giga Scan Rider Finale, the latter which requires you to have TaJaDor in you slot. Also unique to OOO, if you beat the Heroes Mode, go to Arcade Mode and you will face OOO TaToBa Purple Eyes as the final boss. Beating him will result with him being playable, and to do it, simply hold START and select OOO. Purple Eyes is so much better than WCAX and Dark Decade that you have new set of moves, but sadly his Rider Finale is OOO Bash 😥

The "incomplete" Riders now have Rider Finales

Also, you got 2 new stages, which is basically a rooftop with a helicopter sign on it with daylight or night. Also, the theme song, Endless Play is really good, easily the best Climax Heroes theme song. Another also, Faiz and Blade receives a new Climax Time theme that matches their series well.

Overall, I give Climax Heroes Fourze 4/5. For those of you who didn’t have CH OOO, I recommend you to skip that and get this one because it is more complete than before. But if you already have CH OOO, then I don’t think this is really necessary to get, unless you’re a die-hard fan of Fourze and/or Showa Riders. Why? Because it wasn’t much of an improvement to make it worthy to be called a sequel. Also the lack of Story Mode (Heroes Mode is just a random mission that unlocks things) really kinda kills it for me. So I suggest waiting for Climax Heroes 5, if any. I think CH5 would be in PS3. But still, it is a really fun game and the most complete out of all Climax Heroes game.


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