Masahiro Inoue, Kamen Rider Decade Again

As we all know, Kamen Rider Decade will take part in the upcoming Superhero Taisen movie but what are the thoughts of his actor, Masahiro Inoue about reprising his role as Tsukasa Kadoya aka Kamen Rider Decade?

In his recent blog entry, he posted his thoughts about it and I quote:

So, recently I was going through my old photos and thinking, “It sure was fun when I was working on Kamen Rider…” And now, all of a sudden, I get to do it again! This one is even bigger than last time–it looks like a lot of fun!

The kids don’t talk about Decade much anymore so I was starting to get kind of lonely, lol. He’s still passing through! I’m going to have fun but still give it my all. If only one person sees it or a lot of people see it, I’ll be happy either way!

I can’t write much yet so I’ll stop for now, lol. It would be great if I could get to do some action again! Later!

In addition, this week a newspaper had an interview with a couple of past Rider actors, namely Hiroshi Fujioka (Kamen Rider 1), Takeshi Sasaki (Kamen Rider 2), Hiroshi Miyauchi (Kamen Rider V3), Toshiki Kashu (Kamen Rider Agito),Shigeki Hosokawa (Kamen Rider Hibiki), Masaki Suda and Renn Kiriyama(Kamen Rider W), Shu Watanabe (Kamen Rider OOO) and the current Rider,Souta Fukushi (Kamen Rider Fourze).

If you can understand Japanese, you can click the links provided in the paragraph about you. Some bits of the interview include, Mr. Hosokawa’s shock when he first saw Hibiki and I quote, He has no eyes! This is a Kamen Rider?”, Kashu’s dad died during Agito’s run and stuff like Suda is now taller than Kiriyama by a centimeter!


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