Tokumei Sentai Gobusters: 36th Super Sentai!!!!

The confirmed appearance of the 36th Super Sentai series, Tokumei Sentai Gobusters (特命戦隊ゴーバスターズ) is finally revealed in the latest leaked toy catalogs. As you can see, the suit is close to thepreviously leaked art featuring RedBuster.

Similar to the previous Super Sentai series that aired after an anniversary series (Hurricaneger, Gekiranger), Gobusters will start with three, made up of RedBuster, BlueBuster and YellowBuster. As rumored, they have their own partner robots: Chida Nikku, Gorisaki Banana, and Usada Letas.


“A long time ago, among moutains far from any civilization, there was a center researching on human innovation. One day, the main computer of the research became malicious and went berserk. Humanity managed to stop this, and peace came back…or so it seemed.

Humans, now in peace, predicting that their enemy could go berserk and attack another time, decided to build giant robots and machine, and trained chosen warriors to fight against it. Finally, this day has come. The name of the team formed to fight against the enemy is Tokumei Sentai Gobusters! Now their battle begin.”

Their main mecha Gobuster-Oh will be made up of three individual mechas:

GobusterAce – Chida Niku transforms to cockpit for Red Buster, then the cockpit attaches to his BusterMachine, making it Buster Vehicle CB Cheetah (a race car). Buster Vehicle to Buster Animal CB Cheetah, and then Tokumei Henkei into GobusterAce.

GT-02 Gorilla – Gorisaki Banana to Cockpit and attaches Buster Machine to become Buster Vehicle GT Gorilla (a truck), which becomes Buster Animal GT Gorilla.

RH-03 Rabbit – Usada Letas to Cockpit and attaches Buster Machine to become Buster Vehicle RH Rabbit (a helicopter), which becomes Buster Animal RH Rabbit.

The Gobusters transformation device, the Morphin’ Brace (モーフィンブレス), a wrist changer that releases shades for the heroes to transform. This is the official return of the wrist changers ever since mobile phones was used.

The Morphin Brace has a “Henshin Mode” (transforms the rangers), “Call Mode” (summons Buddy Roids), “Let’s Driving Mode” (summons Buster Machines), “Analyze Mode”, “Robo Mode” (activates GobusterAce), “Game Mode” (play a game using the dial on the MorphinBrace) and “Special Mode” (secret mode activated via the brace’s dial).

The last users of wrist changers are the Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (as a team), DekaBreak and BoukenSilver (sixth), GekiViolet, and Go-onGreen/Black.

Lastly, the Gobuster’s weapons: the IchiganBuster, a gun disguised as a camera; and, the SouganBlade which is a sword disguised as a binoculars. Both can combine to form the “Ichigan Buster Final Buster Mode.”

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters will premier on February 26th.


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