AwesomeTVMsia: Emoticons [Translations]

So this new vid talks about the use of emoticons in social networks. However, there is some douchebags that abuse it. Wanna know how? Read the translation and enjoy the video.


Amar: Welcome to the “We Went to Your House”! This is a talk show where we interview a Dato’, Doctor, Professor, Ustaz, Datin……….. and pimps.

Kami ke Rumah Anda (We Went to Your House)

Syafiq: And today, we will have a guest. His name is Dato’ Dr. Professor Ustaz Hamzah.

Hamzah: Uhh, Haji okay?

Syafiq: I’m sorry, Dato’ Dr. Prof. HAJI Hamzah.

Amar: Yes Dato’ thanks for joining us today.

Hamzah: Ohh it’s okay. I have a lot of time actually.

Amar: So, our topic for today is, we want to know your opinion about the usage of emoticons in social networks like Muka Buku (Facebook), Tweet Tweet (Twitter), and Saya Angkasa (MySpace).

Hamzah: I’m always using these social networks, but my number 1 choice is……what is it Google….. Google…..Goggle…..

Amar: Tambah (Plus)?

Hamzah: Ah yes, GoogleTambah (Google+)! That GoogleTambah is good, it’s fast. Umm, now back to topic, ehh I think emoticons is good. Because we can express…… umm express…..

Amar: Our feelings?

Hamzah: Yes, our feelings when we were typing right? We can use emoticons when we are smiling, happy, we make a smiley face. Β However, teenagers nowadays really likes to use emoticons that doesn’t have to do with their feelings. Example, if they have a good news, they make a sad emoticon. If they were sad, they madke a happy emoticon.

Amar: What is the point of doing that?

Hamzah: Yes, what is the point? I don’t understand teenagers nowadays either. And one of the most popular emoticons is the ” -.- ” one. They always use it on……

Amar: On any occasion?

Hamzah: Yes. For example, watch this.

A boy (Amar) opens his MicroHard (spoof of Microsoft) laptop, and sees that Hamzah is online.

Amar: Wassup?

Hamzah: Yo.

Amar: Whatcha doing -.- ?

Hamzah: Just chatting. You?

Amar: The same -.-

Hamzah: Haih……

Amar: Why?

Hamzah: Why did you that emoticon?

Amar: Because I am HOT?haha

The camera shifts to Hamzah’s Epal (Spoof of Apple) laptop, and shows Muka Buku. On it says: GADDAFI – I’m dead! with 8291 likes.

Hamzah: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Shifts to Amar and Syafiq, the host of the show.

Syafiq: So that’s how teenagers abuse emoticons huh?

Amar: Teenagers nowadays are really problematic huh?

Syafiq: You can’t deny it.

Amar: So doctor, can you give the example of emoticons?

Hamzah: Certainly!

Shifts to emoticons


















Shifts back.

Amar: Ohh…. so that’s emoticons…..So can Doctor show us the right way to use emoticons?

Hamzah: Oh yes!

Mirul is online.

Syafiq: Hi friend πŸ™‚

Mirul: Hai πŸ˜€

Syafiq: Do you wanna know something?

Mirul: What?

Syafiq : My cat just died πŸ˜₯

Mirul: Really? I’m sorry 😦

Syafiq: πŸ˜₯

Miruls: Things like this happens all the time. Cheer up buddy πŸ™‚

Syafiq: Hmm..ok. Thanks man πŸ™‚

Mirul: πŸ˜€

Shifts back.

Syafiq: So that’s how you use it the right way?

Amar: Yeah….. so doctor, according to my invisible watch, we don’t have much time left. SO people, use emoticons the right way.

Syafiq: We will never see you next time. Goodbye!


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