AwesomeTVMsia: The Mad Classroom [Translations]

So here it is, the 10th video……The Mad Classroom!!!! This was filmed at my classroom, and boy, it was one heck of a fun ride….. especially I got a date before filming (which is why I appeared late in the vid)! Too bad we didn’t wear school uniforms, as that day was Saturday. Anyways, enjoy the translations!



  • SengalBoy as Badass bin Awesome
  • Hamzah as Mr. Ko Saa Kay (Sakai)
  • Fadal as Sam bin Pah bin Masyarakat
  • Danial as Pi Ben Sang
  • Apit as Bob bin Pop
  • Zammel as Seng bin Nget
  • Mirul as Boun bin Cit
Mr. Ko Saa Kay walks to the classroom, while the song “Moves Like Jagger” plays. He then enters the classroom.
Bob: S-s-stand up, class…..
No one except Bob stand up.
Mr. Sakai: Why’d you guys didn’t stand up?
He walks to Seng, and asks him to stand up, but Seng sits down instead.
Bob: Sir, lemme handle this. Seng, sit down?
Seng stands up.
Bob: Haa, good boy, good boy!
Mr. Sakai turns to Sam.
Mr. Sakai: Hoii! Sam! Bin Pah! Stand up!
Sam: You watch your mouth, old man. It’s Sam, not Saaam.
Mr Sakai: Ohh, sorry Sam.
Sakai then turns to Boun who’s sleeping. He knocks the table to wake him up.
Mr. Sakai: Wake up! (smacks the table)
Boun: Whadaya want for lunch?
Mr. Sakai: Oh, good, good.
Sakai goes to Pi, who’s also sleeping under those sunglasses. He slaps Pi.
Mr Sakai: Wake up! (slaps Pi)
Pi: Hey, you son of a bi- ohh, sorry teacher……
Mr. Sakai asks his class to sit down, while Bob asks Seng to stand up, who actually sits down.
Mr Sakai: Okay class, today we are going to have mathematics exam. Seng, turn back.
Seng turns front.
Sakai: Good, good.
Sakai gives the paper to the students, and when he gives it to Boun, Boun shouts: ONE NASI LEMAK!!!!
Sakai: Okay class, on my the time on my expensive phone here shows that you can start the exam.
Sam: Yeah right, expensive.
Sakai: Don’t ever try to cheat! If you cheat, I’ll tear up the paper!
Secara tiba-tiba & tak kena = Suddenly
Badass walks to the classroom, spins around, and make a Godzilla roar! He then walks to Mr. Sakai.
Badass: Mr. Sakai, (kicks the table) sorry I’m late!
Sakai: Uiihh….. how dare you came here late?! Sit down!
Badass: Ehh? You giving me orders?
Badass sits on his table, putting his legs on the table. Sakai pushes his leg, but Badass puts it back.
Sam: Badass, don’t put your feet on the table. (Badass puts down his leg) ‘Respect’ the teacher homie.
Sakai gives Badass his paper, and Badass thanks him, while doing Kamen Rider W’s pose.
10 minutes later……
Pi: Mr Sakai! I want some extra paper!
Sakai: Okay.
He picks the paper to give it to Pi, the song “Move Like Jagger” plays again, but stopped when Sakai falls. Sam laughs at his teacher.
Sam: Whadayou lookin’ at? I know I’m handsome!
He gives the paper to Pi, then when Sakai went back to his table, Sam peeks at Pi.
Semasa Peperiksaan Dijalankan = During the Exam
Seng uses his paper to make a paper rocket, and plays with it. Badass are making calculations with his calculator/watch. Bob is answering the questions as best as he could, Boun is bored that he nearly sleeps, and on the paper it says:
“I’m hungry. I want to eat nasi lemak, nasi lemak, nasi lemak, nasi lemak”
Pi, instead of doing calculations, draws a banana instead (Pisang means banana in Malay, fits his name, Pi Ben Sang). Sam has just begun to write his name. He desperately looking for answer. Sam calls Bob.
Sam: Faggot! (Bob looks at him) Psst!! Answer, now!
Bob refuses. Sam threatens to hit him, then Bob gives Sam his paper.
1 Hour 45 minutes later……
Sakai looks at his phone.
Sakai: Okay, students! Time is up.
Badass proudly finishes his paper, while Seng uses his rocket paper to “land”. Sam gives Bob his paper, while Boun is sleeping, and Pi uses the extra paper to wipe his face, and throws it to Bob. Sam laughs, and says “Faggot!” to Bob while high-fiving Pi.
Sakai went to Badass. Badass folds his paper and gives it to Sakai.
Sakai: No need to fold. (Sakai moves away to Seng)
Badass: Is it wrong?
Sakai looks at Seng’s paper, and takes it with a little force. Then he proceeds to take Bob and Sam’s. When he picks up Boun’s paper, he smacks the table again to wake Boun up.
(Sakai smacks the table) Boun: I have finished my Nasi Lemak!!! Oh shit……
Sakai takes Pi’s paper.
Sakai: Okay students, you can go home.
Sam: Go home my ass, bitch!!
(Pi puts on his sunglasses) Pi: ATTACK!!!!
Everyone throws stuff on Mr. Sakai, with Badass saying something in Japanese, which means “Prepare yourself!!”. Then the students go back to their home, except Seng.
Sakai: Seng, go to school!
Seng walks backwards and went back to home.

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