AwesomeTVMsia: Prank Gone Wrong [Translations]

So new vid, and the next, which will be filmed this Saturday and Monday, will be our 10th vid! As for a little spoiler, it will be the first time where you see us in school uniforms! Stay tuned AWESOME fans!

TRANSLATIONS (my, how long this has been :P):

Hamzah is on the kitchen, cooking for his friends who’ll come to his house in a while. He answers his phone.

Hamzah: Guys, come to my house at 12.30, kay? I made an open house. I’m cooking right now. Oh, okay3!

He cuts an egg with a butter knife.

Hamzah: (fails to cut egg) Dammit! Arrrgghh!!!!

Then Amar comes to the kitchen, he plans to scare the shit out of Hamzah. He wears the ‘Scream’ mask, and tries to surprise Hamzah. Hamzah is shocked and kills Amar. Poor, poor Amar 😦

After checking Amar’s corpse, Hamzah stands up and started thinking.

Hamzah: Issh, I forgot! That egg is supposed to be crushed, not chopped! Arrggh, I’d better be hiding Amar’s body first!

He drags Amar, and before he gets him out of the kitchen, he says: Ya Allah, you’re so heavy!

He puts Amar on the sofa, and tried to cover him by making him looked like reading a newspaper with sunglasses (Coz’ sunglasses is AWESOME), but Amar falls, FAIL.

He drags Amar again, putting him on a wall.

Hamzah: Man, you can see his ass!

Hamzah drags Amar again, putting him below the table, FAIL. Then, he sits on Amar’s corpse, and thinking what should be done next. Then suddenly, the doorbell rings.

Hamzah: They’re already here!

Fadal and friends have arrived, they call for Amar. Hamzah answers by saying “wait”.

30 seconds later…..

Hamzah opens the gate, and let his friends come in.

Hamzah: Long time no see, Fadal!

Fadal: Where’s Amar?

Hamzah: Oh, he’s in the house, taking a bath.

Apit: Wazzup bro!

Syarif: Is Amar in?

Hamzah: I told you, he’s taking a bath! Come on in, guys!

They went into the house. Fadal takes the Scream mask.

Fadal: Whoaa Hamzah, are you havin’ a party? With this mask?


Hamzah: Come on, sit here.

The guests sits. Hamzah brings them water. Then Fadal asks Hamzah something.

Fadal: Dude, can I go to the bathroom?

Hamzah: Sure.

Fadal trips on the carpet.

Fadal: What the hell did you keep in the carpet? Syarif, can you open that?

Syarif opens the carpet, and sees Amar’s corpse. They were stunned.


Hamzah: Nothing, nothing!

He shoots everyone. The he hid the bodies under the carpet, and enjoys some drink, playin’ AWESOME.



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