Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States Coming Soon

After Elec States has been confirmed to debuting in October, it seems that Kamen Rider Fourze will have another form, which will be debuting in November (mah b’day vitches!!!), called Fire States!!!

By using an unknown red Astro Switch, Fourze will gain the weapon called, Hi-Hackgun which shoots a water-like substance similar to those fire extinguishers when separated and connected by a tube. It can also shoot fireballs once the two parts of the Hi-Hackgun are united.

Also, JK the Informant will be the 3rd member in the Kamen Rider Club! He will join after the debut of Elec States, and Kengo will be even more pissed! JK will be the focus on the next episode as the Unicorn Zodiarts is targeting him! It’s up for the Kamen Rider Club to look for the Switcher!

Source: alternate-zer0 of HJUGold Samurai of HJU


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