Gokaiger Episode 31 [SUBBED]

Here’s the full stream of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode 31: “Impact!! Secret Operations” This will be a Chouriki Sentai Ohranger tribute episode featuring the return of Masaru Shishido (OhRed) and Tamao Sato (OhPink).

Navi’s Treasure Navigate tells the Gokaiger, “Uaoh! Uaoh!”, but what does that even mean? Regardless, Marvelous and crew set out to look for the latest great power.

Before them appears a placard-wearing woman who tells them “Here is the Great Power.” What is this woman’s true identity?! However, she is also hiding some secret plan.

At the same time, former OhRed, Gorou, comes in contact with Basco ta Jalokia. He claims that he will give up their Ultimate Power in exchange for the exact location of Zangayck’s flagship. There’s something else to his goal as well.


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