Sengal Rambles: Pseudo School Break!!!

SengalBoy’s Life:

Last Saturday I went swimming with my friends, then suddenly my asthma begins to run out of control, short word is, I’m sick!  I didn’t go to school for 2 days, but actually, I won’t be exist in school until Friday! This is because I have some club activities outer school for 2 days, starting tomorrow, so I am excited to return to school! By the way, I haven’t go to school for a week actually, it started last Thursday and ends this Thursday. And now I feel that I’m actually taking a long break huh?

AwesomeTVMsia’s Journal:

To be honest, the day I went swimming is the day we were supposed to filming the new vid! But we forgot and play in the water for so long, that I got sick! So dammit, I should’ve be making those vids! Guess that’s the punishment for not making AwesomeTVMsia vid huh? Man……

Toku Central:

I’ve just saw the new pics for Elek States and, while it is AWESOME, I just can’t get over the fact that they’re still using forms! I Well, at least the mix-and-match got reduced to weapons, not forms.

BTW, Gokaiger episode 31 is OhRanger’s tribute, OhRanger is Power Rangers Zeo’s Sentai. OhRanger also is considered as one of the most hated or least liked or too much trouble Sentai ever. I never watch OhRanger, but seeing OhPink in Gokaiger, well, I think she’s hot. I mean she’s even hotter when she’s older. And her having a new hairstyle really makes me go boner. ~WOOHOOOOOOO~


That’s all folks!


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