Kamen Rider Ganbaride: Legend Rider Switch!!!

Kamen Rider Fourze actually has more than 40 Astro Switches! He also has Legend Rider Switches! Well, these are only for Ganbaride Arcade game in Japan. For those who don’t know, Ganbaride is kinda like the Mushiking and Dinosaur King but with Kamen Riders on it.

In the latest Kamen Rider Ganbaride News updates, it is said that there’ll be a campaign for 4 rare Legend Rider Switches. As seen in the screenshot here on the right, Fourze had the Ankh arm style OOO module on, and it’s on the left.
The other switches are Den-O, V-3 and Ichigo.
These are really campaign item. Which is why they are gold. The OOO switches will activate the OOO module which looks like an Ankh arm with a barrel that shoots energy medals. Den-O switch activates the Den-O module which shapes like the Denliner Gouka with Den-O Sword Form’s denkamen in the front of the fist to perform a dashing straight punch towards the opponent. Both Ichigo and V3 switch appears to be a combination limit break and can be performed together as a rider kick limit break.
As mentioned earlier, the campaign items are only redeemable when you have a campaign ganbaride card to be a token to redeemed this items. The scans below shows the campaign cards which can be obtained through ganbaride machines(if you are really lucky to even obtained one of these) or you can try getting it the easy way by getting it from Auction sites which can really cost really pricey(depends on the seller of the items).
Please note that the cards are also considered super rare cards like other regular shiny layered ganbaride cards that are also really hard to be obtained.
The way to obtain the switches is to enter the scratch code from the back of the cards and enter the numbers to a special page on the Ganbaride official site and they’ll mail you a confirmation e-mail about the items. Well, of course need the cardass club account in order to do so.
Anyway, here’s the Video CM for the promotion of the Legend Rider Switches!
The switches is said to be playable on the DX Fourze Driver and does activate the switches unique sounds. There’s a chance that these switches will also have regular releases which aren’t gold and are painted in their ordinary colors
In Additon, a confirmation was made that a Decade Legend Rider Switch will come with the upcoming Ganbaride Binder vol.10 Original Switch ON! In case you want to order it, reservations can be made on CDjapan,HobbyLinkJapan, and Amiami. It will be released late of this November 2011 and cost about 1,500yen. Aside from the extra Decade Legend Rider Switch, it will also come along with 1 special ganbaride card like other Ganbaride Official Binders come with.

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