Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 3 [SUBBED]

Here’s the full stream of Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 3: “The Queen Festival Competition”. While Kengo is adjusting the Hopping Switch, it’s the start of the Queen Festival!

After setting up the Kamen Rider Club, Kengo is adjusting the Astro Switches so they currently cannot be used. Gentaro decides to test the adjusted switch — #9 Hopping. Yuki is worried but Gentaro ignores her. Fourze’s left leg turns into a pogo stick, he stepped out very excitedly, but to his surprise he cannot control it and crashes to the walls and the ceiling.


Gentaro walks dizzily to the classroom, he notices Miu’s poster on the wall. With the annual Queen Festival comes around, Gentaro decides that utilize this in his plot befriend to Miu by having Yuki break the cheerleader’s winning record at the talent contest. However, a Zodiarts duo makes themselves known.


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