Kamen Rider Club News

No, this isn’t a club of Kamen Riders that anyone can join or whatever, its about the Kamen Rider Club in Fourze. Apparently in Kamen Rider Fourze there are urban legends called “Kamen Rider” and Gentaro Kisaragi forms the club to investigate it. However, reports says that the producers dropped the idea.

The basic idea of the Kamen Rider Club, or KRC, is to search for the Kamen Riders in their school’s “urban legend” and make friends with them. But it’s not happening anymore:


Producer Hideaki Tsukuda says that some higher up from Toei told him to nix the idea. The reasoning they gave him was because Decade, a recent series, already did that and they didn’t want to retread familiar grounds too soon.

There was also a lot of complaining among the fanbase that might have lead to it. The producer seemed pretty bummed out about it, he’s the one that tried to visually link Double to the original Kamen Rider and really loves close ties in series.


However, the quoted translation above turns out to be a rumor or something like that. The real translation  goes like this:
It states that the Kamen Rider Club is aware and trying to defend against the Zodiarts, and the series will still retain the purpose of being the 40th anniversary series with Riders from the past history. It does bring up Decade being the Heisei 10th anniversary series, and them wanting to do a series to commemorate Kamen Rider’s 40th anniversary.

It also states the club is Fourze’s “backup” with Fourze doing most of the fighting. It also states that Gentaro is the only one who will use the Fourze Driver.


So what do you think? Is it really necessary to drop the Kamen Rider Club idea? I think its a little disappointing if they did that.


Also, here is a latest toy scan which features two shadowed Fourze heads along with the heads of Fourze Base States, Fourze Elek States, Fourze Fire States and OOO Putotyra Combo. What could the other forms be? Well fo’ sho’ they’ll be called “States”.


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