Kamen Rider Fourze Initial Thoughts

And so a new Kamen Rider series begins……. when I first saw the very first scan of this guy, I’m kinda hating the suit, but I think again, I once hated OOO design but when I watched the series, damn it was one of the coolest suit design ever! So I decided to throw away the hate feeling about Fourze and wait to see what he has to offer. Then more scans popping around. My mind changed. I LOVE KAMEN RIDER FOURZE. Then the trailers, cameo in OOO movie, OP preview somes out, I just can’t wait until September 4th comes!!!!!!

And so it came……….

Waiting for Jefusion to post full RAW stream of the first episode, I just can’t wait. Thank God OOO episode 47, Gokaiger episode 26 & 27 subbed version by TV-Nihon has finished downloaded, so I’ll wait for it while watching the three episodes.

Then JEFusion posted the RAW. After posting it on mah burogu (my blog for dummies who don’t understand :P), I watch the first episode. Usually when watching RAW streams I normally skip certain parts and only watch action scenes because I can watch the full when I downloaded the subbed version, but this time I watch it fully. IT. WAS. FUCKING. DAMN. WAY MORE. AWESOME. THAN. THAT. TRANSFORMERS 3. BULLSHIT. SERIOUSLY IT IS AWESOME.

Not that it’s CGI is better than TF3, but it’s just that I’m excited so much for this series and it doesn’t fail me at all. Gentaro, the Rider himself, is really good. I got a good feeling that he’ll get cocky sometimes because of his power as Fourze. Kengo is much more a dickhead than what I think he was, well he’s not a dickhead (Fourze is because of his helmet :P) but when he throw away a love letter makes me think he’s like one. But as the episode progress he is not a dickhead. He is a combination of Phillip and Ankh, both had similar roles, that providing power and knowledge to the actual Rider. Yuuki also impress me, with her being exciting just makes me happy watching Kamen Rider Fourze. The rest of the characters, I’m not gonna say anything because they haven’t been involved into the conflict yet. But that Daimonji guy is a real dickhead. He reminds me of a certain someone from my personal life. His name is Sy****.

Even if you’re not a Toku fan I’ll think you’ll enjoy watching this show. Let me tell you, it has that Glee concept, but all people can watch it, unlike Glee who’s 16 years and up are allowed to watch it. Also, if you wanna watch a Glee but hates the singing and dancing and likes fighting and special effects, I think you’ll love this series (looking at my non-Toku fan friends. Guys, try to watch it, even girls should watch it!).

That’s all.


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