Kamen Rider Fourze: Elec States and Opening Theme Revealed!!

Not much news about Fourze this time, but at least this’ll do I think.

First up, a Kamen Rider Fourze magazine scan have been leaked depicting one of Fourze’s upcoming form, the Fourze’s Electric States.


It is previously confirmed that Kamen Rider Fourze”s basic form is called Based States. And with the help of the “Billy the Rod Module,” similar to a sword, he transform into Fourze Electric States. It grants to power of electricity.



We can see bits of the suit and weapon on the silhouette above and toy catalog picture below:



Kamen Rider Fourze’s DX Billy the Rod Module will be released on October so we could expect it to debut along that month. Coming up next is Fourze’s Fire States with the Hi-Hackgun this November.


Second, we finally have the official theme song of Kamen Rider Fourze. It’s called “SWITCH ON!” and it is sang by not Lady Gaga, but Anna Tsuchiya!



The confirmation was made during a press conference on Friday. Anna Tsuchiya’s “SWITCH ON!” will be released on October 26th. It will be available on both CD+DVD and CD Only Regular Edition for 1800 yen and 1200 yen respectively. Pre-order for the single is now open at CDJapan!


She mentions that her children loves Kamen Rider, so why not sing the opening theme as well. Also, here is some fun tidbit about her,according to her Japanese Wikipedia page, she can actually fight.


Here’s the first 30-second preview of Kamen Rider Fourze’s opening theme, “SWITCH ON!” sung by her:



That’s all folks! Kamen Rider Fourze will premiere on September 4th, 2011!


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