Astro Switches and Zodiarts of Kamen Rider Fourze



The newest scan involving Kamen Rider Fourze shows more of his Astro Switches and his support mecha, the Power Dizer!




The main cast of Kamen Rider Fourze on the left and on the right are the gang of Mysterious Zodiarts namelty the Scorpio, Virgo, Leoand Libra Zodiarts. Expect eight more to come in the future to complete the 12 zodiac signs.




The pic above shows more Astro Switches and their function:

  • Switch 2: Launcher Module
  • Switch 3: Drill Module
  • Switch 4: Radar Module
  • Switch 5: MagicHand Module
  • Switch 6: Camera Module
  • Switch 7: Parachute Module
  • Switch 8: Chainsaw Module
  • Switch 9: Hopper Module
On the left is how a Foodroid works which is similar to how a Memory Gadget works and on the right is Fourze using the Chainsaw Module.
Kamen Rider Fourze’s support mecha, the Power Dizer. And below, is Fourze’s Limit Break, the Space Drill Kick, a combination of Rocket and Drill Modules.
Gentaro is transferred into a new school and is put in Yuuki and Kengo’s class. The first thing he says is to become friends with everyone. While the leader of the American Football club is suddenly attacked by the Orion Zodiart. Kengo, who is too weak to fight, decides to make a gamble and gives Gentaro the Fourze Driver along with some Astro Switches.
Kamen Rider Fourze will premiere on this September 4th, 2011.



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